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Transformation Services

Veran is the leading independent advisor for HR, Payroll & Finance Cloud projects. 

We advise business leaders on the optimum Cloud strategy and direction based on our extensive experience of supporting businesses through transformation and change. We are entirely independent of every software vendor and technology provider and so our advice is free of bias or hidden agenda. ​Our large team of experts have experience of multiple technology and change programmes and therefore bring hands on advice based on outcomes that are realistic and that can be achieved.

Our Services


Case for Change

Assessing the options and setting a strategy.

Cloud technology has the capability to transform your business for the better. Developing the right strategy and plan to deliver it successfully takes careful planning and analysis. Our experienced consultants support your team in taking the right decisions to make this journey a success and deliver lasting transformation. 

There are many options to be considered to improve the way your business works and is supported by the Cloud. Our Case for Change frames these options so that a clear course of action can be developed. 

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Delivering the project.

The delivery of transformation through Cloud technology requires real skills and experience from your team to manage and drive success. Our experienced consultants have the skills to supplement your team and make sure that your projects deliver. We coach your team members during a project to increase their expertise and prepare them to take on the ownership of the new solution. We also help make sure that your technology providers deliver on their commitments.

We provide resources that are experienced and skilled in Project Management, Organisation and Process Design, Data Collection, Cleanse & Migration, Testing and Change Management to make sure you have all the skills that are needed to deliver success.

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Phase Zero

Building a plan, a full business case and being ready to contract for Cloud.

When a clear Cloud strategy has been developed, turning this into action is critical and our Phase Zero helps achieve this in three ways:

  1. Choosing the best technology and partners to deliver your objectives

  2. Developing a detailed plan and business case that will deliver to time and quality

  3. Preparing for an accelerated Cloud Project that will deliver real business outcomes

  4. Assessing the readiness of your team to deliver the project

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Phase X

Maintaining and growing a Cloud base.

After Cloud software is live, maximising your investment means constant change and development. Our Phase X provides opportunities and a roadmap to optimise the investment you have made in technology and align it to your Finance and HR strategies.

This includes advice on operating model, service delivery model, team capability, end to end processes, reporting & analytics and technology modules and configuration, that would better support your business objectives. We will help you assess whether you have implemented all of the technology that you have purchased and deployed and whether there is more to be done to improve the self-sufficiency of your team.

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Transformation Videos

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To find out more about any of our services, call us now 

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We have extensive experience providing client-side transformation teams on Workday, Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, ServiceNow and other HR and Finance system programmes. Visit our technology pages:

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