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Review your people, process and technology to deliver a roadmap and recommendations for meeting business objectives and maximising return on investment. 


We provide you with assurance and hands on support so your technology roadmap is aligned to your business strategy.

Phase X in 50 seconds

What you get

  • Rapid and concise assessment of your current people, processes and technology including old or new system-related challenges and opportunities from experts in implementing HR, Payroll and Finance Transformation.

  • A clear roadmap that provides a practical plan to achieve short term and longer-term improvements.

  • Recommendations for how to take advantage of new software releases with minimal business disruption, how to maximise the value of your technical support contract, and how to nurture your internal team to look after your systems.

  • Regular business-led reviews of your HR & Finance priorities, challenges and opportunities in order to provide up to date recommendations, roadmaps and delivery options for improving your HR & Finance service and systems. 

Why Veran?

  • Extensive experience
    Veran is well known for implementations that deliver real outcomes and value. We bring years of deep rooted operational and transformational HR & Finance expertise, together with the experience of having deployed and updated cloud HR & Finance in many sectors. 

  • Value for money

  • Phase X is designed to fit into Business As Usual budgets and to deliver quick benefits to significant challenges or risks.

  • Collective wisdom
    Our networks of over 10,000 HR professionals tell us what its like living with their cloud solutions. We build this into our benchmarks and lessons learnt so that you can leverage this insight.

  • We focus on People and Processes, not just technology
    Many cloud customers pay for a technical support service. We compliment this team by bringing Transformation expertise that looks at the bigger picture for opportunities to improve, innovate and lead.

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