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Driving outcomes through HR, Payroll & Finance technology and Transformation

Our HR & Finance Transformation consultants strengthen and upskill your team whilst helping you manage the project and associated change.

What you get

  • Experienced programme managers that hold the technology team to account
    We manage or help you to manage the vendors and technical teams to ensure their work is delivered to time and quality.

  • We ensure the project plan is achievable for your business and considers other projects and priorities.

  • Processes that work for you and are designed end to end with the technology in mind, but not prescribed by technology.

  • We bring examples of efficient ways of working for your industry and size for you to use as a starting point if you wish.

  • Data experts that can collect, cleanse and transform your data into the format needed by the vendors.

  • Testing and acceptance support to give you confidence that the new solution will work from a technical but also business and change perspective. We sit with your testers to maximise the training and engagement achieved during UAT.

  • Innovative change management specific to HR and Finance projects. We believe change management has to start at the beginning of the project. We coach your team to drive adoption and long-lasting change in behaviour.

  • Design and delivery of new target operating model and service delivery model including the post go live support team.

Why Veran?

  • Experts who protect your interests
    We are an extension of your internal HR or Finance team, representing your requirements and interests and ensuring design decisions are best for the business, not what’s easiest to configure.

  • Extensive and wide-ranging experience
    We are one of the largest teams of experienced Cloud Transformation resources with over 60 experts in the full range of disciplines needed to deliver successful Cloud projects and Transformation.

  • Elbow to Elbow support when you need it
    We work onsite with your team to give you visibility, knowledge transfer and long term relationships when you need expert knowledge or an extra pair of hands.

  • We don’t mark our own homework
    We support the design & test of design not the build. This means we can hold the configuration teams to account.

  • Networked Intelligence
    We connect you to our extensive networks, so you can learn about what’s worked or not worked for your peers and industry leaders.

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