The Financial Services HR & Compliance Group is an exclusive network for HR and Compliance leaders in Financial Services organisations.

The FS HR & Compliance network was established in 2015 by Tom Holmes (Director at Veran Performance) and Marian Bloodworth (Partner at Kemp Little). Tom and Marian identified that there were gaps in the collaborative workings of HR and Compliance departments in many institutions, and that as the focus of regulation moved from 'what people do' to 'who people are', closing this gap was increasingly important.  Helping these two teams work more closely together was the original inspiration of the group and remains its central focus to this day. ​

The key purposes of the group are understanding upcoming regulations and the impact on FS organisations; defining the boundaries between HR and Compliance in regards to data, processes and systems; facilitating a more collaborative and efficient way of working between HR and Compliance; and most importantly, adopting an approach to compliance which is consistent across all institutions in the FS industry.


The group meets every two months in Central London to discuss upcoming regulations from a legal and HR point of view, case studies, and share experiences of setting up HR data, processes and systems to be compliant.  

Over 150 banks, asset managers and insurers are already part of the community, and contribute to group discussions about how HR and Compliance can work together to create a collaborative approach to regulation which is consistent with their peers.


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