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About us

Founding Directors

Helen Thiel

Helen has extensive experience of HR programmes, organisation design and service transformation from some of the largest projects and programmes globally.

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Tom Holmes

Tom is an experienced Finance and HR Professional who has been delivering advice and transformation programmes on a large and global scale for the past twenty years.

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Who we are

Veran was created to close the gap between the expectations of a business transformation and the reality of what is delivered, be that through process, technology or people change.

What we do

We are the largest independent HR and Finance Cloud technology and transformation consultancy, with over 80 consultants focusing on giving the very best advice on Cloud design and deployment, from strategy through to the delivery of outcomes.

We provide boutique, specialist advice that can be scaled to meet your needs whether you require limited bespoke advice, or are looking for a global solution.

We are entirely independent of all software vendors and technology providers and our advice is offered free of any interest beyond delivering our clients aspirations.

We have strong market knowledge and maintain relationships and delivery capability for all the main software providers, including Oracle, Workday and SuccessFactors.

We build strong, lasting relationships with clients, who trust us to deliver change in their business.

What makes us special?

We use our extensive communities to drive innovation and share best practice.


We are boutique size with industrial strength, enabling us to give full attention to each of our clients.


We are product and technology agnostic with Cross Sector experience across HR and Finance.


We hire based on potential. We adapt to our clients cultures to deliver the best results.

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From the very beginning when Veran was founded in 2012, we have centred our advice around our extensive networks. We founded MyHRCareers on the same day as Veran started and this now has over 20,000 members across the HR functions. MyHRCareers supports aspiring HR professionals and puts them in touch with inspiring leaders through a series of social and other other events throughout the year.

Find out more about myHRcareers >

We also founded and manage the largest and only HR and Compliance network in Financial Services called Financial Services HR & Compliance (FSHRC). Through events and our subscription service, we connect over 200 regulated businesses and provide regulatory updates, advice and a forum for agreeing a consistent approach to regulation across the industry.

Find out more about FSHRC >

Our amazing networks

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How we work with you

Technology agnostic

Veran has no commercial interest or relationship with software providers or configuration vendors.  Our mission is to ensure your best interests are at the core of all decisions made.

On your side
Veran is engaged with many projects where there is a technical configuration partner. We support you and them to ensure the ‘client dependencies’ are met to time and quality.


HR and Finance expertise
Our team is a blend of internal practitioners and experienced transformation consultants, enabling us to bridge the gap between your business outcomes and the technical solution/providers.


Team, not individuals 

We work as a team, ensuring all stakeholders and workstreams are joined up during a project, from an HR, IT and business perspective.  This avoids siloed ways of working that do not deliver the overall change and outcomes required.


We work with you to deliver true business change and ways of working, not just a new technology solution.

Up-skilling your team

We invest time to up-skill your internal colleagues in order to reduce your dependency on external providers.

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