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We take the Social Value that we add to our employees, clients, community very seriously and are proud of our contributions.

Our business has been founded and is driven by the value we have returned to our community, staff and clients. With the goal to influence those we interact with for the overall good

As an SME that focuses solely on back office (HR, Finance and Supply chain) excellence we have the ability and responsibility to directly, and indirectly influence these areas that are most crucial to the social value that businesses can provide and we do this in four ways:

  • We run large networks of professionals in the areas of HR, Finance and Procurement and therefore we are able and have influenced the direction and strategy for each of these areas allowing us to put social value to the front of the agenda for people (HR), sustainable finance (finance) and procurement (supply of goods and services) and our record of using this influence to impact positively with inclusion and diversity as well as minimising damage to the environment.

  • In working with our clients we have been able to directly influence the processes and policies that they have put in place and we have consistently promoted adherence to all guidance and exceeding these wherever practical, and highlighted those areas where they can best contribute to better social outcomes.

  • We have, wherever possible minimised the environmental impact of our work and have a net zero target that we plan to achieve by or before 2030.

  • We have directly contributed to a range of charities that have high positive social impact and have done this consistently since the business was founded in 2013.

Veran Performance’s full Social Value Statement (“SVT”) can be downloaded below, this was most recently reviewed and adopted on 01 August 2022, after review by our Management Board, People Development Board and the Sustainability Committee.

Veran's Performance Net Zero commitment can be found here


This is a living document and the action plan and other contents in the SVS is reviewed on a monthly basis by the Management Board, People Development Board and the Sustainability Committee. Progress against the steps set out is tracked monthly, and the statement is revised as required in line with our ability to deliver, the urgency and changing priorities as the COVID crisis, economy and environmental emergency change.

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