Phase Zero

Preparing for Success 

Phase Zero is a flexible set of activities, decisions and accelerators to ensure you are ready to start a programme. We complete all of the preparatory activities that are needed to start a project and supplement your team to bring the right blend of experience and capability to deliver effectively.

What you get


A full business case which if agreed, continues to safe technology contracts, a detailed and realistic plan and data, processes and project team ready to start the programme. 

  • Robust project governance 
    including a Steering Group and Design Authority to align stakeholders.

  • An accelerated selection process or due diligence for software suppliers that is independent and fair.

  • An appropriate assessment of configuration partners to identify the best technical team for implementation.

  • Contracts including Statements of Work for all suppliers that are accurate, fairly priced and compliant.

  • A detailed and comprehensive business case 
    That includes the full costs, benefits and risks informed by our experience, extensive networks and research into similar recent project.

  • A full activity and resource plan that sets out the delivery approach and all the activities that the project will need to complete. A plan that is both realistic and deliverable.

  • A change management approach and plan that maximises and upskills your resources and is experience based.

  • High level design of your operating model, end-to-end solution and business processes to ensure your stakeholders are aligned and that you can make informed decisions during the design workshops in the programme.

  • Audited data that is complete and accurate enough not to delay the programme.

Why Veran?

  • Extensive experience
    We have a team of full time and permanent consultants who have designed, iterated, trained in and delivered Phase Zero activities.

  • We will engage your HR, Payroll and IT colleagues 
    to get ready for a Cloud project, bringing their knowledge and experience effectively to inform the project outcomes.

  • We are the only independent consultancy delivering truly fair software selection processes
    We have no commercial relationships with technology vendors or systems integrators meaning we give you a truly agnostic view for selecting software and taking an approach to design and Transformation that is business-led not technology-led.

  • Proprietary tools
    We have developed and evolved Phase Zero over the last 5 years, improving and updating it with every implementation we do. Our wealth of knowledge has been packaged up into a library of templates and accelerators for you to utilise.

  • Hands on experience 
    Phase zero has been developed based on hands-on experience of implementing HR and Finance technology and seeing the common risks that cause delay or failure during a project.  

  • Collective wisdom
    Our networks of over 10,000 HR professionals tell us about their implementation experiences so that we can build this into our benchmarks and lessons learnt. We know what you need to prepare and where similar teams have succeeded or struggled.


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