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Transformation programmes require rapid decision making with many HR teams and businesses being underprepared for the activities, data and decisions they need to provide.  

Phase Zero is a flexible set of activities, decisions and accelerators to ensure you are ready to start a programme. We upskill and support your team to avoid common risks and deliver the right outcomes for your business.


The right technology to drive real change & benefits

A trusted partner to strengthen the team where needed

Engaged stakeholders with realistic expectations

Streamlined processes with automation to increase speed, efficiency & accuracy

High quality data, reporting and insights

No delays or unplanned additional programmes costs

High user adoption

Business case benefits achieved as planned


Preparing for a programme using Veran's Phase Zero typically reduces the duration and cost of the implementation by up to 40% and delivers a significantly higher quality result.

Phase Zero Activities

We support you with four work streams of activities that must be completed before starting a cloud programme.

Phase Zero Activities.png
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Our project has the feeling that everybody is invested and all working together with a 'can do' approach to make it a success.

It has been really refreshing working with Veran because you have been the main factor driving this with everything taken care of and done properly.

Director of Shared Services, large Government Business

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