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Reframing HR and Finance services and transformations.

Readdressing the scope, costs and benefits to deliver the right sized services for the post-Covid, new business realities.

Before the pandemic, many of us were starting or were undergoing HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement transformations. As the new business realities become clearer and we start to re-plan for the future state, we first need to revisit the services our back office provides and reframe projects and programmes to what is now appropriate.


Our Reframing Team are here to help you respond, whether you are looking to reduce programme costs, align to new business priorities, define the new services that HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement need to provide, or all of these things. The Team promotes the use of Agile methods to deliver benefits much faster and more efficiently.


What you get /

Rapid independent review of your services, programme scope, plan, costs, benefits and risks, aligned to your new business priorities and constraints.

We bring:


  • Case studies and lessons learnt from businesses who have reduced their programme costs by as much as 80%

  • Advice and support for negotiating contracts with existing suppliers

  • Standardised best practice solutions that can resolve your challenges faster and more cost effectively than designing from scratch

  • Reduced effort needed from the business to complete the project

  • Agreement of the options available and Minimum Viable Project to deliver what you need in this challenging time

Why Veran /

Reframing projects and programmes requires a fresh, external perspective on the art of the possible.


Why us:

  • We are software and partner agnostic, which means we can help you make a rational review of your existing and possible future suppliers

  • All we do is HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement transformation so we are specialists in planning and reframing these types of programmes

  • We are a boutique business who can offer more flexible and agile consulting services up to 50% cheaper than big named consultancies

  • We sponsor and support two networks with over 20,000 HR and Finance professionals from which we gather benchmarks and insights into how to re-frame and deliver successful change

Why now /


We can do this, because the crisis offers unprecedented ability to bring compromise and change


We should do this, because all businesses are affected, and no projects planned before the crisis are still valid


We should not wait to be told to do this, because it is the right thing to do from a financial and moral perspective


We can all be leaders who grasp this vision and deliver what our business needs

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