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Tech is not a silver bullet


"Part 7: Smashing SAP SuccessFactors Programmes"

Featuring Michael Esau & Paul Chambers.  

Aired 19th October 2021

"You’re not just asking for money, you’re asking for support to change the organisation".


Tom, Michael and Paul unpick the reality of implementing SAP SuccessFactors, and how best to prepare in order to maximise your investment.

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Jabs & Jobs


"Vaccinated staff only"

Featuring James Turner, Tom Holmes, Olivia Sinfield and Isobel Turner.  

Aired 15th September 2021

The Financial Services HR & Compliance Network presents 'Can we reopen the office to vaccinated staff only? Do employees have to prove they are double vaccinated?' So many questions with so many social and legal implications that we must consider our options carefully.


In this session, James Turner gave a regulatory update that covered the Consultation paper on D&I as well as the FCA's Business Plan for 2021/2022. The panellists then addressed questions on RETURNING TO WORK and some of the challenges HR Teams are facing in the financial services sector.

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Creating a more accessible workplace


"Reading Between the Signs"

Road to Recovery Series

Episode 07

Featuring Gü Dopran, Founder of Curated Abilities  

Aired 29th July 2021

In this episode, we are joined by the brilliant Gü Dopran who is a passionate and established advocate for the Deaf and Disabled community.  Her own experiences in professional organisations have had a profound effect on her career and her advice for HR and business leaders in supporting Deaf, Disabled and vulnerable people.

We addressed these questions: 
-    Has remote working really made work more accessible for everyone? 
-    What can deaf people teach us about reading emotions?
-    How do we make the future of work a level playing field?

Read the write up or watch the full webinar

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Good HR leadership and utilising robots


"Humanising the Future of HR"

Road to Recovery Series

Episode 06

Featuring Leanne Gardiner, HR and Transformation Director at InHealth 

Aired 24th June 2021

In this session, Leanne Gardiner discussed how ‘keeping people safe’ drove innovation and agility in her business during the crisis, how she turned fear into inspiration by humanising their new HR robots. She also spoke about the importance of being upfront about the impact of robotisation on jobs and her ambition and practical tips for humanising HR to support the future of work in the healthcare sector.

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Employee Value Proposition


"Rethinking the Employee Value Proposition"

Road to Recovery Series 

Episode 05

Featuring Graham de Guise, Chief People Officer at Osborne Clarke. 

Aired 27 May 2021

Graham de Guise, Chief People Officer at Osborne Clarke shares how he and his team are designing a Total People Proposition for the new world. Thinking beyond the traditional view of Employee Value Propositions, the discussion led to considerations around creating a truly inclusive culture, implementing an effective Development Regime, and the responsibility to be sustainable. Employees have a more detailed priorities than they did before; how can employers keep up?

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Legal Sector Survey- Key Themes


"How are Law Firms using Data, Analytics and Technology to deliver HR strategies?"

Hosted by Beverley Sorsby and Becky Statham. 

Aired 13 April 2021

People in Law, Veran Performance and MHR have collaborated on a survey to help Law Firms measure and improve the effectiveness of HR. This session highlights the key themes from the survey that was collected between November 2020 and February 2021.

People in Law Roundtable 13 April Opener

HR Challenges in Real Estate


"Turning Challenges into Opportunities"

Road to Recovery Series 

Episode 04

Featuring Sarah Mason, Chief People Officer at Foxtons. 

Aired 29 April 2021

Sarah Mason, Chief People Officer at Foxtons joins Tom Holmes to discuss the changes the pandemic caused to the way we work, and how teams had to operate. Sarah provided valuable insight into how her team dealt with these issues safely and effectively, how Foxtons became a more flexible business and how they had to adapt to maintain company culture.

Ep04 Website Download.jpg

Making change happen


"Making change happen"

Road to Recovery Series 

Episode 02

Featuring Mark Cardy, Head of Reward & HR Operations at Credit Agricole

Aired 25 February 2021

In this episode, Tom is joined by HR Leader and member of myHRcareers and Financial Services HR & Compliance Network, Mark Cardy to discuss how to become an Agile team and how to create the right environment to enable our team to work efficiently and with motivation.

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Framing the Future


"Reflections, Predictions and the Roaring Twenties"

'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On'

S02 Ep011

With Olivia Sinfield and David Peach.

Aired 17 December 2020

Tom Holmes is joined by Olivia Sinfield, Associate Director at Osborne Clarke and David Peach, Managing Director of HR at River and Mercantile, to round up yet another fantastic series, reflecting on the changes in the workplace over the last 10 years, making some predictions on trends to look out for and debating whether we could be about to witness the Roaring Twenties all over again.

EP11 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Rail & Transport


"The future of our public transport network"

'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On'

S02 Ep08

With Richard Smith, Transformation Director, previously with First Group and Network Rail

Aired 12 November 2020

Tom is joined by Richard Smith, an experienced Transformation Director who has worked for the last ten years in the Transport sector focusing on delivering programmes of change across people, culture and digital. They discuss the significant impact the pandemic has had on the rail and transport industry, what 2021 could look like for the sector and what this might mean for people, work and customers.

EP08 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Legal Sector


"Diversity & Inclusion"

'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep06 

With Olivia Sinfield, Associate Director at Osborne Clarke.

Aired 15 October 2020

Olivia joins Tom to discuss the impact Covid-19 has had on our Diversity and Inclusion strategies, how to bring it back on to our priority lists and practical tips on putting ideas in to action.

EP06 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Legal Sector


'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep03 

With Beverley Sorsby, HR Director at Ropes & Gray LLP.

Aired 03 September 2020


We spoke to Beverley about how her and her team successsfully launched their exciting new recruitment platform amidst a pandemic. Hear the challenges they overcame, how they adapted to the crisis and what the rest of the year has in stall for them.

EP03 Download for Email Anatomy Series 0

HR Leaders


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep17 

With Jonathan Kohler from MS Amlin and Brian O'Donoghue from Marie Curie.

Aired 30 July 2020

We rounded up this epic series and invited back some of our favourite speakers to hear how things have changed since we last spoke, and to reflect as a group on what the future may hold.

This final episode comes ahead of the launch of our new series "Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On" starting Thursday 06 August at 10:00.

Anatomy Ep 17.png

Hospitality & Training


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep14 

With Beth Aarons, Global Director at Dorchester Collection Academy

Aired 02 July 2020

Dorchester Collection has luxury hotels worldwide and the academy is a new business aiding with the training of the hospitality industry. In a significantly hit industry, this refreshing conversation focuses on how they have stayed loyal to their company values through the crisis. Speaking on the importance of their customers and their employees, they have managed to create and implement new processes which keeps in-line to their customer-centric values and brand.  

Anatomy Ep 14 Beth Aarons.png

Legal Sector


'Anatomy of a Crisis'

S01 Ep11 

With Kevin Hogarth, Global Head of People & Culture at Norton Rose Fulbright

Aired 11 June 2020

We are delighted to welcome Kevin Hogarth, Global Director of People and Culture at Norton Rose Fulbright; a top 20 global law firm with over 4000 lawyers in more than 50 cities worldwide. Quite the challenge in a global pandemic!


Kevin has 30+ years’ experience leading HR functions in businesses including National and Provincial, Santander, EY and Freshfields.

With a particular strength and interest in organisational change and the attraction, retention and development of world class talent, Kevin shared the positive impact that the crisis has had on the business, including increased productivity, and the challenges of managing and engaging employees situated all over the world.

Anatomy Ep 11 Kevin Hogarth.png



'Anatomy of a Crisis'

S01 Ep09 

Rupert McNeil, Government Chief People Officer for the Civil Service

Aired 28 May 2020

As Government Chief People Officer, Rupert is responsible for delivery of the Civil Service People Strategy, which sets out what the Civil Service needs to do to attract the most capable and public-spirited people, and build a culture and ways of working that are as good, if not better, than anything on offer anywhere else. He provides leadership on the full range of people issues including talent, capability, inclusion, capacity, leadership, pay, performance, employee relations, culture and behaviours.


We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with Rupert who shared how their preparations for EU Exit meant the Civil Service was ready to reorganise and stay ahead to cope with the current crisis.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Rupert McNeil, Government Chief People Officer for the Civil Service

Financial Services


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep06 

With Janet Thomas and David Williams

Aired 07 May 2020

David Williams, Partner at Kemp Little, as back to share practical challenges and insights around returning to work from a legal perspective. We were also joined by Janet Thomas, who has fascinating views on the economic and political factors that will shape how businesses re-plan for the future.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Janet Thomas and David Williams

Business Psychology


'Anatomy of a Crisis" 

S01 Ep03 

with Anton Fishman

Aired 16 April 2020

Friend and member of the Business Psychologist Group, Anton Fishman, joins Tom in this episode of Anatomy of a crisis.

Anatomy of a Crisis, Episode 3, with Anton Fishman

Business Psychology


'Anatomy of a Crisis'

S01 Ep01

With Becky Statham, Principal Consultant at Veran Performance

Aired 02 April 2020

Tom Holmes, our Founding Director, speaks to industry experts to help us recognise the anatomy of a crisis. In this first episode, Tom is joined by Business Psychologist enthusiast and colleague, Becky Statham.

Anatomy Ep 01 Becky Statham small.png

"The truth is always dignified"


"How to navigate a positive Digital Transformation journey"

Road to Recovery Series

Episode 09

Featuring Principal Consultant Becky Statham, and Georgina Wistow, an organisation effectiveness and transformation expert. 

Aired 30th September 2021

Digital Transformation has become one of the top priorities for businesses following Covid-19. It can be seen as the panacea that will future proof an organisation ready for the post pandemic world but… transformation is often perceived as a threat and a huge challenge for many of our Managers, HR and Finance colleagues.


Georgina Wistow will shared her top tips for bringing everyone on the transformation journey with both Tom and Becky, exploring: 

• How to tell the Transformation Story to bring benefits to life

• Lessons learnt and success stories from Getty Images, BT and other businesses

• The Psychology of change and how we must alter our change approach in light of Covid-19

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What is a SaaS Mindset?


"Part 5: How to approach Change Management & top tips"

Featuring Tom Holmes and Samantha Stevens

Aired 7th September 2021

In part 5 in our Transformation Series, we speak to Samantha Steven, a Change and Transformation expert at Veran Performance to find out how businesses can effectively adopt Change. Sam explains what a SaaS Mindset is and why it is so important when looking to the future growth and success of our businesses.

Watch the full webinar

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Transformation Programmes with Oracle Tech


"Part 4: How to drive truly successful Oracle Transformation Programmes"

Featuring Tom Holmes and Phill Lupton 

Aired 20th July 2021

Continuing our mission to equip anyone embarking on a Transformation Programme with the right tools to answer three key questions:
1. How can we best PREPARE for a successful transformation programme?
2. How can we EXCEED the expectations of a transformation programme?
3. How can we ensure the programme comes in to TIME and BUDGET?

In Part 4 of our Transformation Series, we interview Phill Lupton, an expert in Transformation specialising in Oracle programmes. Phill has more than 20 years' experience helping businesses prepare, design and implement HR, Payroll and Finance technology.

Short, honest and insightful interview.

READ the write up or WATCH the full webinar

Oracle Transformation Opener.jpg

Financial Regulatory Update and hybrid working


"How is the Finance Sector handling Hybrid Working?"

Featuring Osborne Clarke, Veran Performance Man Group and The Happiness Index. 

Aired 16 June 2021

In this session, we discuss HOW the sector is managing the reality of hybrid working. Businesses are thinking about how they will achieve a hybrid working model that works, but what are the parameters you're going to set for employees to be able to work safely at the office? How many people are allowed in a meeting room? And, if one person has to dial-in to a meeting, should the whole meeting be virtual to ensure we are being inclusive?

FSHRC Ep03 Download Website.jpg

Part 3 of our Transformation Series


Part 3: 'Seriously Successful SuccessFactors Programmes'

Featuring Paul Chambers, SAP SuccessFactors Transformation Lead at Veran Performance 

Aired 25 May 2021

An exclusive interview with Paul Chambers, a leader in global HRIS cloud implementations specialising in SAP SuccessFactors technology at Veran Performance. Paul shares his views on why businesses choose SAP SuccessFactors in the modern world, what challenges usually delay a programme and therefore increase risk and cost, and finally his ultimate top tips for anyone thinking about a Transformation Programme with SAP SuccessFactors technology.

SAP Transformation Carousel .jpg

HR Characteristics, Engagement & Data


"Changing HR Characteristics, Employee Engagement & the Role of Data"

Road to Recovery Series 

Episode 03

Featuring Hazel Hendley, People Director at Ordnance Survey. 

Aired 25 March 2021

Hazel Hendley, People Director at Ordnance Survey joins Tom Holmes to discuss the changes to the characteristics of her HR team, the engagement rollercoaster she has been on and the role data and analytics has played and will play in the future of work.

Ep03 Website Download .jpg

Part 1 of our Transformation Series


Part 1: 'How to drive truly successful Workday Programmes'

Featuring Aly Seyfried, Principal Consultant at Veran Performance 

Aired 16 March 2021

An interview with one of the longest standing Workday Programme Directors, with experience of global and complex Workday Projects to learn how best to succeed and get outstanding results from a Workday investment.

Opener Transformation Series.png

Performance Management


"Performance Management under the microscope"

Road to Recovery Series 

Episode 01

Featuring Heather Brown, HR Director

Aired 28 January 2021

Episode 01 of the Road to Recovery series features Heather Brown and Tom Holmes discussing why now is the time to change and advance our Performance Management processes to keep up with the changing world. Our clients are changing and the way we work is changing, so our Performance Management process must align accordingly.

Ep01 Website Dowload (2).jpg



"How ambition, technology and culture are shaping the future"

'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On'

S02 Ep010

With Claire Harding, Global VP of Human Resources.

Aired 12 December 2020

Claire joins Tom to share her inspiring story as she looks to adapt the HR service to provide the right infrastructure in line with the company's goal to grow significantly in the not too distant future.

EP10 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Automation in HR & Finance


"Automation in practice: Meet the expert"

With Tom Holmes and Automation expert Ellie Homan.

Aired 04 November 2020

We speak to Elie Homan, our Automation expert who shares her views on the benefits of implementing automation in HR and Finance and how different tools can fit in to your overall strategy and roadmap.

Tom Ellie Automation Image.JPG

Financial Services


'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep05 

With Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, Director of HR at Charles Stanley.

Aired 01 October 2020

Kate and Tom discuss adapting to meet the needs of our customers, the business considerations when taking on new starters and graduates, and how the digital age might hide our body language and reactions.

EP05 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Cultural Relations & Education


'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep02 

With Chaitali Hireker, HR Transformation Director, and Janet Huckvale, Progamme Manager at the British Council.

Aired 20 August 2020


Our very own Becky Statham spoke to Chaitali and Janet about the highs and lows of the crisis, how the business went live with Recruitment despite budget changes and resource limitations, and how they are keeping on target with their plans to go live with more modules later this year.

EP02 Download Anatomy Series 02.png



'Anatomy of a crisis'

S01 Ep16 

Harvey Francis, Executive Vice President and Chief HR Officer at Skanska UK

Aired 16 July 2020

Harvey speaks of how company values, technology and consistent communication with all employees has enabled Skanska UK to remain stable and positive. throughout the crisis.  Understand how the team have prepared themselves for the future and perhaps even the "second wave" that is in the current news.

Anatomy Ep16 Harvey Francis.png

Estate Agency


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S02 Ep13 

With Sarah Mason, Chief People Officer at Foxtons

Aired 25 June 2020

Renowned for their Mini Cooper's and cafe-style offices, we spoke to Sarah Mason who has been Cheif People Officer at Foxtons for the last 2 years. Sarah shares how Foxtons have taken extra measures with health and safety to reassure both their customers and their employees, and how their employee engagement survey showed a consistent and positive result.

Anatomy Ep 13 Sarah Mason Donwload.png

Beauty & Retail


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep10

With Bola Ogun, Head of Reward at Natura &Co

Aired 04 June 2020

Bola is an innovative HR Leader who has spent his career creating agile, sustainable and transformational reward and talent management frameworks. Having led teams in some of the largest and most successful companies in the world including Dell/EMC, Reckitt Benckiser and Visa, Bola is now excited and humbled to be leading the Reward function across four iconic beauty firms: Avon, Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop, which together, are Natura &CO.


Bola joined us for the 10th Episode of Anatomy of a crisis, to discuss the practical challenges of Furlough and Returning to Work in a global organisation where each country is so different, and how the crisis has impacted their triple bottom line; People, Planet, Profit.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Bola Ogun, Reward Leader from Natura & Co.

Charity Sector


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep08 

With Debbie Coulson & Brian O'Donoghue at Marie Curie

Aired 21 May 2020

Our two friends and HR leaders at Marie Curie share the impact of the crisis on the charity sector and how they adapted to ride out the storm.


Brian O'Donoghue, Director of People, talks about the impact on the organisation from the strategy through to the daily operations. Debbie Coulson, People Transformation Lead, shares how the charity has re-framed yet continued their inflight HR transformation programme.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Brian O'Donoghue and Deborah Coulson, HR Leader's from Marie Curie

Clothing & Retail


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep05 

With Hayley Standen, Head of HR at Office Shoes

Aired 30 April 2020

Tom Holmes speaks to Head of HR at Office Shoes, Hayley Standen, about their approach to handling the crisis.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Hayley Standen, HR Director from Office Shoes

FS & Legal Sector


'Anatomy of a Crisis'

S01 Ep02 

With David Williams, Partner at Kemp Little

Aired 09 April 2020

Friend and co-founder of the FS HR & Compliance group, David Williams, joined us to bring his views on the crisis from his his professional and personal perspective. David is Head of Employment and Partner at Kemp Little, a boutique technology-focused law firm.

Anatomy Ep 02 David Williams final.png

Prioritising Governance & Strategy


"Part 6: Preparing for Workday Transformation"

Featuring Aly Seyfried & Clare Hickie.  

Aired 21st September 2021

"Don't over-promise and under-deliver; keep your team informed and get the right governance and strategy in place".


Tom Holmes interviews Aly Seyfried, one of the longest standing Workday Programme Directors, with experience of global and complex Workday Projects, and Clare Hickie, CTO EMEA at Workday, following a 15 year career with GSK responsible for IT HR, a global service delivering support, maintenance, enhancements and projects to HR and end users.


Tom invited the two panellists under the spotlight to share the characteristics of a successful deployment of Workday and the key things we need to think about when considering a Workday Transformation Programme. Real stories, real conversation and real tips on deploying Workday software.

Watch the full webinar

Part 6 Aly Clare Workday Transformation (1).jpg

Why do people stay or leave?


"How employers are driving employees to quit - The Great Resignation"

Road to Recovery Series

Episode 08

Featuring Michael Esau, Global HR Advisor at SAP SuccessFactors

Aired 26th August 2021

In this episode, we are joined by passionate Global HR Advisor at SAP SuccessFactors, Michael Esau. In our most thrilling episode yet, Becky Statham and Michael debate how the pandemic has forced a change in priorities for both employers and employees, and is potentially responsible for the Great Resignation.


Becky and Michael explored why purpose and belonging is crucial; why people truly stay at work; and, if purpose is at the centre, what are the other strands of EVP?

Watch the full webinar

Ep08 Website Download Copy.jpg

Technology vs People

Blog & Video

"What's next in HR Tech?"

Featuring Becky Statham, Matt Phelan and Felix Mitchell 

Aired 30th June 2021

The way we work, hire, onboard and manage has shifted completely and some companies are finding that their current technology suite doesn't meet the needs of the business. HR and People teams now need tech that supports multiple areas such as employee engagement, management and onboarding. If businesses and employers fail to keep up with the new technologies, then they risk losing out on high quality talent whilst also wasting valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Read the write up or watch the full webinar

Instant Impact Event 30 June 2021.PNG

Learning from Legal


'Learning from Legal: HR Data and Metrics'

Written and produced by People in Law, Veran Performance and MHR.

Published June 2021

We acquired and analysed detailed responses from some of the most significant law firms in the sector. This summary report endeavours to guide HR professionals through the gaps in law firms’ current reporting metrics, explain the consequences of missed opportunities and identify practical tips to ensure firms and employees alike enjoy the most significant benefits from data-driven HR reporting.

Learning from Legal Website Download .jp

Part 2 of our Transformation Series


Part 2: 'What does successful Finance Transformation look like with Oracle Cloud?'

Featuring Nick Jackson, Oracle Development Leader of Finance Digital Transformation. 

Aired 28 April 2021

An interview with Oracle expert Nick Jackson, Oracle Development Leader of Finance Digital Transformation to share how Finance Teams can prepare for Oracle Cloud and what does successful finance transformation with Oracle actually look like.

Transformation Carousel (1).jpg

Financial Regulatory Update & "No Jab, No Job"


"Brexit, Passporting & Making Vaccines Mandatory"

Featuring Osborne Clarke, Veran Performance and Quilter. 

Aired 24 March 2021

We are joined by Anna Perry, Chris Ratcliffe and Prianca Patel from Osborne Clarke to provide an update on financial regulations including Brexit, Passporting and what it means for HR teams in the industry. Olivia Sinfield, Associate Director at Osborne Clarke then hosts a panel discussion with Phil Trevillion, SMCR Business Lead at Quilter, and Tom Holmes, Change & Technology Transformation Director at Veran Performance, sharing their views on whether employers can make their employees have the vaccine as part of their return to work strategy and are employees required to share whether they have had the vaccine or not?

FSHRC Ep02 Carousel  (1).png

HR & Finance come together - Oracle Panel Session


"Lessons on Leveraging a Unified Back Office"

Featuring Brian O'Donoghue, Director of People at Marie Curie and Yazad Dalal, EMEA HCM Strategy Lead at Oracle. 

Aired 23 February 2021

Tom Holmes, Founding Director of Veran Performance, joined an Oracle panel session as we learn from Marie Curie on how a unified back office is helping stabilise their organisation in an unstable world. Host Kerry Nutley, HCM Strategy Director at Oracle, is joined by Tom Holmes and Yazad Dalal, EMEA HCM Strategy Lead at Oracle as they speak to Brian O’Donoghue, Director of People at Marie Curie about their HR Transformation and how a joint approach with finance was key to their journey.

External Events Template  (2).png

Financial Services HR & Compliance Network


"Financial regulatory challenges following Brexit and Covid-19"

FS HR & Compliance Network

Featuring Amanda Collins, David Williams, Lucy Sorell, Jacob Ghanty and Tom Holmes.

Aired 26 January 2021

The Financial Services HR and Compliance Network discuss the regulatory challenges that HR and compliance teams are facing following Brexit and Covid-19. Zoe Avenell and David Williams are joined by Amanda Collins from SG Kleinwort Hambros, Tom Holmes from Veran Performance, and Lucy Sorell and Jacob Ghanty from Kemp Little.

FSHRC Ep01 Download Website .jpg

Workforce Planning


"Workforce Planning is the spider in the web"

'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On'

S02 Ep09

With Kerry Nutley, Strategy Director at Oracle HCM.

Aired 26 November 2020

Kerry is passionate about the current trends in HR and joins our Founding Director Tom Holmes to discuss why workforce planning has become increasingly relevant.

EP09 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Agile Working


"Agile is THE way of working in the new world"

'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep07 

With Nebel Crowhurst, People & Culture Director at Roche Diabetes Care.

Aired 29 October 2020

Being Agile has gone from a luxury that only the most innovative companies had mastered, to an essential way to work and make decisions, and now that we’re used to working in this way, why would we ever go back? Hear from Nebel Crowhurst who has been promoting Agile working for years, at Virgin Holidays, River Island and now Roche.

EP07 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

HR Senior Leader on the Crisis


'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep04 

With Ralph Tribe, previously Chief People Officer at Ascential Plc and Sky UK & Ireland.

Aired 19 September 2020

This highly energetic podcast hears Ralph and Becky discuss everything from youth employment, career development, working locations predicting the death of the city, through to unemployment driving entrepreneurialism, and how the crisis has highlighted the good and bad managers and management styles.

EP04 Download Website Anatomy Series 02.

Civil Service


'Anatomy of a Crisis, Life Goes On' 

S02 Ep01 

With Sheridan Whalley, Deputy Director Civil Service HR at the Department for Education.

Aired 06 August 2020


Moving forward, businesses are keen to understand how to get going again with their activities. Sheridan shared how the Department continued with the implementation of the new Payroll software during the crisis and her top tip for anyone thinking about implementing a new HR, Payroll or Finance system. 

Anatomy S02 Ep01 Sheridan Download.jpg

Legal Sector


'Anatomy of a Crisis'

S01 Ep15 

With Caroline Ward, Head of Culture & Communications at Slater and Gordon

Aired 09 July 2020

Caroline, Head of Culture & Communications speaks of the trust people have for their business, even more so than the Government for updates and guidelines. In the conversation, she also discusses the principles Slater and Gordon have agreed to enable ‘Smart Working’ for the future. Take a listen to learn how they are preparing for future work.

Anatomy Ep 15.png



'Anatomy of a Crisis'

S01 Ep12 

With Jonathan Kohler, Head of Change, Control & Governance at MS Amlin.

Aired 18 June 2020

We spoke to Jonathan Kohler to find out how a leading insurer and re-insurer with 1700 employees across 7 countries has adapted to meet the challenges the crisis presented.

Jonathan is responsible for the HR team's management meetings and programme of work, as well as HR's overall change portfolio. An interesting position to be in during a crisis!

Anatomy Ep 12 Jonathan Kohler.png

HR Director

Watch now

Continuing Compassionate Leaders post-Covid19  | with Tali Shlomo

Aired 01 June 2020

Our lived experience through the pandemic has brought to life the impact that ‘Leading with Compassion’ has in the workplace. How will we sustain this new way of leading and what role do we all have in leading with compassion?


We spoke to Tali Shlomo, an internationally recognised HR Director, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Wellbeing thought leader whose achievements were recognised in the 2020 Insurance Business Global 100 Influential People for creating inclusive workplace cultures.

We explored examples of compassionate leadership observed during the crisis and the challenges and opportunities that exist for all HR professionals in preserving this refreshing way of motivating and supporting each other, not just leading from the top.

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TV & Production


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep07 

With Faran Johnson, Chief People Officer at Channel 4

Aired 14 May 2020

As the lockdown continues, the demand on broadcasting channels becomes more competitive. We are joined by Chief People Officer at Channel 4, Faran Johnson who has been re-planning for the future of Channel 4 for the past six weeks and is on a mission to keep the country entertained. As a forward thinker herself, Faran will be shared her thoughts on the short and long term impact on people leaders, teams and the wider world of work.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Faran Johnson, Chief People Officer from Channel 4.

CEO & Leader


'Anatomy of a Crisis' 

S01 Ep04 

With Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People

Aired 23 April 2020

Tom catches up with CEO of Investors in People, Paul Devoy to find out how he thinks companies are reacting to the crisis.

Anatomy of a Crisis webinar with Paul Devoy, CEO from Investors in People

HR Leadership

Watch now

'Adapting HR in a Crisis' 

by MyHRCareers Extra! featuring

Becky Hogan and Victoria Evans

Aired 07 April 2020

We have been spending time talking with HR Leaders to understand how they are adapting and supporting their businesses during the crisis. We shared two perspectives with our community. 

MyHRC Extra! Ep 01.jpg