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Creating Intelligent HR and Finance through Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

HR and Finance teams are being asked to become more agile, innovative and able to optimise their services. They are keen to deliver the services being requested by their customers, yet often restricted by financial budgets and pressures. The automation of HR and Finance activities generates the most tangible opportunity in twenty years to make a step change in the cost and quality of back office services.

The benefits of automation look to outweigh those of Cloud ERP/HR benefits.  The evidence proves that automating and robotising end to end processes can provide upwards of 40% savings, both at an efficiency (functional) and productivity (organisational) level.  And it also shows that you can do automation before, in parallel to or after you have deployed a back office ERP/HR system.

As a leader of automation and AI in HR & Finance, Veran has undertaken extensive research to provide insights in three main areas:

  1. Understand what businesses at the Vanguard of automation are targeting and the benefits they have achieved

  2. The best way to identify the main opportunities for automation and how to get off the starting blocks

  3. The challenges some organisations have faced and how these were overcome

Our clients are asking us to help in the following areas:

Understanding AI & Automation 

There is much hype about AI and Automation.  We run a free 2 hour workshop on your site to step you through the different types and levels of automation, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  We show you examples of how, in your everyday lives, you are encountering these technologies and we discuss ways in which these technologies can be used in HR, Payroll and Finance. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable talking about AI and Automation with your peers, and that you can start to spot the areas in your function that could benefit from these technologies.  We also cover the difference between SaaS back office solutions and automation, illustrating how these technologies can work together to achieve the best and most cost-effective results.

Getting off the starting blocks – identifying the best opportunities for automation

Delivering automation requires a very different approach from that required for SaaS solutions. We run a free 1 day workshop with you to assess your readiness for automation (based on our Automation Maturity model) and to develop a plan to:

  • Find the best opportunities for automation 

  • Agree a prioritisation road map

  • Build a financial benefits case 

  • Select the most appropriate suppliers/partners for automation

  • Develop a deployment ‘sprint’ plan with resources, IT dependencies and solution/integration costs

  • Provide a high level impact assessment of the future state operating model

Delivery of automation and integration of Cloud systems with automation tools

Our team of experienced automation and SaaS HCM/Finance consultants, will ensure delivery of a solution that delivers the benefits promised.  Veran consultants have a strong portfolio of the various skills required to deliver all aspects of this transformation, our clients can be confident that they are getting a truly joined-up service.  Our agnostic and trusted relationship with the SaaS and automation vendors enables us to work effectively across the supplier market, collaborating effectively to get the very best from the solutions.  Automation often requires connecting data and technologies, so vendor collaboration is essential.

Training your teams to ensure continued success and improvement

The financial benefits and business value achieved from effective automation are ready to be realised.  Yet automating activities is not a one-time activity – requirements will change as both your business changes and further advances are made by technology.  Service innovation needs to be at the heart of your HR and Finance teams - we will develop a plan with you to:

  • Up and cross-skill your teams, ensuring that they are set up to maintain the automation that has been deployed, as well as look for continuous improvement and innovation.  

  • Support you to embed a culture whereby automation is encouraged and your teams feel comfortable with an agile approach. -  

  • Understand the impact of automation on the existing team structure and skills.

  • Provide access to our Automation Vanguard network and research, providing updates of latest developments, benchmarks and success stories.

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