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Over several months, we have been researching and interviewing 'vanguard' companies who are leading the deployment of AI in HR.

AI, robotics and automation offer significant opportunities for Veran's clients and HR Network, and we are regularly asked for case studies and vendor solutions that we are seeing the market. This research has enabled us to respond to those enquiries with authority and we are pleased to share our research chapters with you.

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Live webinars

Automation & AI in HR

You have probably heard the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, but do you know how this could relate to your role and what opportunities exist for HR teams?

We run regular breakfast sessions where we share our research into how HR teams are preparing from and leveraging emergent technology such as  

robotic process automation and chatbots, and discuss some of the risks and lessons learnt from early adopters.


Given the current circumstances, we are hosting these events online.

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