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HR solution selection, business case and preparation for global cloud deployment and HR transformation.


Client & Situation

Founded in 1901 as the world’s first national standards body, the British Standards Institute (BSI) is a global leader in standards, products and services, based in the UK and with operations in 33 countries worldwide. BSI works with government bodies, business experts, trade associations and consumer groups to define best practice and support organisations to continuously succeed and improve. It wanted to provide the same service to its 16,000 direct and indirect employees through modern HR technology and a more efficient HR service.

Actions & Response

Veran was asked to:

  • Support the selection of a new HR system

  • Create a business case with detailed costs and benefits

  • Establish a joined-up deployment plan with the shared services project

  • Co-ordinate the HR and IT pre-project activities 

Veran accelerated the selection of new HR software by bringing standardised due diligence materials and a scenario-driven approach to comparing software choices. Our assessment of BSI’s priorities, challenges and focussed engagement with key stakeholders across BSI’s regions, helped us select a preferred vendor with the best fit culturally and technically.


Using our Phase Zero’ templates, Veran engaged with many of the HR and IT teams during the selection process, to start the ball rolling with design decisions and master data collection. In parallel, we worked closely with the shared services project team, to ensure a joined-up plan which accounted for individual and mutual dependencies.

Key Outcomes

  • Delivery of a fully-costed business case, with 5 year investment and benefit profile

  • Buy in and agreement from global stakeholders to the new software choice, budget, and plan for deployment

  • Selection of Workday as the software vendor that would best deliver the outcomes sought by BSI and Alight as the configuration partner.

  • Plan for implementing Workday which minimised risk and optimised the delivery of financial benefits.

  • Fully prepared HR team, key data structures agreed and key process design agreed, based on business outcomes and new operating model, upfront.

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