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Veran are seeking tech-savvy HR teams to participate in our research: How are leading HR teams lever

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality”. – Yann LeCun, Facebook

The most innovative and forward-thinking HR departments are now coupling human capabilities with artificial intelligence (AI) to enable HR to be freed from mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing a new type of department to emerge; the tech-savvy, cutting edge professionals who add real value through focussing their efforts on people development and culture.

Although HR’s journey towards robotics, AI and automation has only just begun, the real questions are; which companies will be at the forefront of pioneering AI, what do HR teams need to do in order to successfully adopt this emergent technology and which areas of HR offer the most significant opportunities.

Veran’s mission

Our mission is to create efficient, valuable and confident HR departments who can benchmark their technology against their peers and understand their level of digital maturity. We do this through technology agnostic HR transformation and HR technology consulting services for UK-based and global businesses in the private and public sector. We also run two extensive HR networks which bring thousands of forward-thinking HR professionals together to discuss how HR can remain a valuable and innovative function.

Share your experience

We are seeking HR, robotics, technology or AI professionals to interview about their experience of deploying AI, robotics and automation.

Hundreds of AI tools for HR have been launched in the past few years and many HR departments have invested in these products or built their own tools. However, we believe it is still unclear how these emerging tools are being applied in HR, what challenges and lessons can be learned from the early adopters, and what organisational and cultural attributes create the environment needed for successful deployment of AI and robotics in HR.

We are seeking individuals and organisations who are pioneering the way forward and can help us understand the limitless ways AI can be leveraged within the HR field.

The questions we aim to explore are:

  • What challenges have businesses faced in selecting, designing, deploying and maintaining AI? And how have they addressed them?

  • What attributes might businesses need to maximise their chances of successfully deploying AI in HR?  And how did HR acquire and develop them?

  • What lessons can early adopters share with those at the start of their journey?

  • What outcomes can businesses expect from successfully leveraging AI in HR?

If you have any experience of procuring, designing and implementing AI, robotics or automation in HR, please email Becky at as we would love to collaborate with you and include your views in our ground-breaking research.

For further information or to join our mission to connect the AI leaders within HR, please contact


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