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Veran Takes ‘Phase Zero’ to HR Tech Paris with a Zesty Stand…

On October 25th the Veran team will join global HR leaders in Paris for the annual HR Tech World Conference. Hosting a stand for the first time, the team will share their Phase Zero methodology that supports HR leaders to select the right HR technology and prepare for implementation.

The methodology answers two key questions for HR Leadership teams:

  • How do I differentiate between all of these seemingly very similar software platforms? and

  • How do I get the best out of that choice?

About Veran Performance and the Phase Zero Method

Veran performance is the only consultancy in the UK to focus exclusively on HR transformation and helping organisations to move to HR cloud and has supported many leading businesses in making their choice of software.

Through multiple cloud HR deployments, Veran has developed a better, quicker way for HR teams to see the real difference between HR tools, rather than spending months on long and traditional RFP process that ask 1000 questions. We focus on the areas that matter and those that show the true difference between software.

Cloud vendors also promise quicker, cheaper implementations with more business benefits than ever before. However, these quick deployments demand rapid decisions from HR teams and clean data and processes that are ready to be configured. Phase Zero was designed, through our experience of multiple HR Cloud Implementations to tackle both of these key issues.

HR Tech Congress is the perfect place to share our approach which focuses on the most important differentiators of software and accelerates your selection process to avoid surprises after signing the contract.

HR Tech World enables HR leaders to see the latest HR Technology & speak to vendors first hand. However, what can be hard, is identifying which of the many technologies available would deliver your business objectives and how. Veran’s Phase Zero solves this problem by enabling HR leaders to scope & properly prepare for implementation.

Veran will be on stand 213 and recognisable by their ‘zesty’ lemon & lime display. Anyone interested in understanding the real differences, between different HR tools and how to successfully prepare your team is very welcome to pop by.

Please contact for further information, images & quotes, or to arrange a meeting at HR Tech.


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