Every year, Veran’s Workday team head to Rising;  Workday’s annual conference to find out what’s new in the world of Workday.

Tom Holmes, founding Director of Veran said, “As a Technology agnostic consultancy it’s important to us to keep up to date with the latest developments, opportunities and challenges for all Technology Providers and the Rising conference provides an excellent opportunity to do so”. “We send a team to this event and those run by Oracle and SuccessFactors to make sure that all of our team’s knowledge is bang up to date – and, so that our customers don’t have too!”

This year, we headed for Barcelona alongside clients and other friends, excited for 3 days with Workday and their HR community.

Workday Communities


One of Workday’s strengths is their continued commitment to Customer Experience, particularly through their client communities. At Veran, we understand the power of community, and see first hand how well these user communities serve Workday’s customers. One way that make these particular communities stronger is that customers all use the same version of Workday’s cloud service, meaning that all solutions shared in the community are directly applicable to all customers. This quick and collaborative, user led support service, not only speeds up adoption and engagement but gives customers an honest insight into the experience of other customers and use of the Workday system.



The Rising event provides a great opporunity to not only catch up with Workday’s clients and understand their experience first hand, but also to get to know Workday’s partners. Working closely with Workday Configuration Partners on client projects is critical to the sucecss of our clients implementations and it’s important to understand the range of potential partners in the market and their offering for clients.

Veran’s founding Director Helen Thiel explains “Avoiding a technology led implementation is a must for any business who wants to generate real outcomes from their HR Cloud Implementation and it’s great to see that the Technology providers and their configuration partners are starting to realise the need for consultancies like Veran”. “Alone the technology and configuration team cannot deliver results, and clients need to have an independent advisory team checking and managing the programme to ensure business outcomes are at the heart of decision making. We’re thrilled to be positioned here and to be developing strong, honest relationships with Workday configuration partners”.

Workday in Financial Services & Public Sector


We particularly enjoyed catching up with Workday customers in Financial Service and Public Sector, Veran’s sectors of focus. In Financial Services we were pleased to see that the user group we helped establish in 2015 is thriving with customers supporting each other and using their collective voice to get the updates and information they need from Workday.

In Public Sector, Workday is making a deliberate move to provide a third technology choice for departments, and we are excited to work with our friends in Government to test this new option at the Cabinet Office and beyond.

As usual, Rising was filled with energy with customers, suppliers and Workday integrating to provide great insights into Workday today. Thank you to all the Veran Workday team, to our clients, and friends at Workday who made the event so insightful and worthwhile.