What It's Like To Work At Veran

Ever wondered what it's like to work at the UK's leading HR and Finance Transformation Consultancy? Our talented consultants explain why Veran Performance is so unique.

Phase X: Optimising Your Cloud HCM and Finance System

Phase X reviews your people, process and technology to deliver recommendations for meeting business objectives. 

Welcome To The FS HR & Compliance Network 2019

Find out how our Network supports HR and Compliance professionals working in financial services.

Veran Performance Meets Robothespian

HR Transformation Consultant, Becky Statham, talks to a new robot at an AI and Robotics Conference in June 2018.

Siobhan Sheridan at myHRparty 23.03.18

Siobhan, a long time friend of myHRcareers, spoke at our 2nd myHRparty of 2018 - see what she had to say!

Andy Barrow at myHRparty 21.11.18

Our final myHRparty of 2018 was a huge success, with retired Paralympian Andy Barrow leading us out of 2018 in style.

Zoe Walters at myHRparty 30.05.18

Have a look at Zoe Walters' full presentation at our myHRparty back in May 2018

Winning Strategies in HR: Tim Pointer at myHRparty 31.01.18

Tim Pointer spoke on the "Winning Strategies* at our first myHRparty of 2018

The Role of HR in a Crisis: Clare Davis at myHRparty 

Clare Davis, HR Director for the Metropolitan Police discusses the role HR plays in a crisis

HR Innovation, Strengths Training & Goal Setting: Michelle Brailsford at myHRparty 2016

Michelle Brailsford, Partner at Jupiter Consulting Group, shares the latest innovations in Personal Development. From Goal Setting to Strengths Training, Michelle explains how to drive innovation in yourself & HR this year.

Top 3 innovations to watch in HR: Tom Holmes at myHRparty 2016

Tom Holmes, Director of HR Transformation Consultancy Veran Performance shares the three biggest disruptions & innovations to watch out for in 2016. Why are these such exciting opportunities for HR? Find out!

Hire for potential: Gareth Jones at myHRparty 2016

Recruitment? It's all chemistry! Gareth Jones partner at The Chemistry Group talks to myHRcareers about the future of recruitment & explains why hiring for potential is the next big thing!

Talent Acquisition: Forget qualifications & take a risk on potential: Julie Tindale at myHRparty 2015

Julie Tindale, Head of HR Transformation at Whitbread challenges traditional recruitment methods; at myHRcareers networking party in Central London. Find out why you should hire candidates for 'mojo' rather than experience, as well as Julie's career advice for advancing your HR career.

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