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Veran are proud to be an Oracle Gold Partner and we are actively supporting clients with the successful delivery of cloud technology and transformation in HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement.

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Veran's expertise with Oracle Solutions

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Cloud ERP Preparation - Phase Zero

Ensuring clients ERP and/or HR technology choice will meet business needs. Our due diligence service supports the preparation required for your people, processes and data to enable successful transition. Phase Zero includes the creation of a business case, requirements definition, market and vendor evaluations and initial implementation planning.

Automation, Robotics

& AI


Working with clients to understand maturity and assess opportunities to make improvements. We identify what will bring most benefit, and ensure they are prepared to implement Automation, Robotics and/or AI in HR and/or Finance. Our due diligence service supports you through the preparation required to take on new technology.


Providing an Independent Testing Service including resources, tests and tools to prove that your solution delivers the required benefits and is integrated with your IT landscape. Options include: Test Strategy, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution, Defect Management, Status Reporting, Test Training and ongoing support.

Oracle Cloud Solutions


Working with internal teams to achieve business outcomes from Oracle Cloud Solutions software and technology partners. We bring functional practitioners, PMs and consultants so your project is business-led, not technology-led and upholds the integrity of your business outcomes. Our experience of Oracle Cloud Solutions allows us to up-skill your team.

Data Readiness & Preparation


Supporting clients in preparing for HR, Payroll, Finance and/or Procurement Cloud implementation. Assessing the readiness of data structures for implementing Oracle SaaS and ensuring the structural data required is agreed in time. Our experience allows us to identify potential gaps in legacy systems and create a bespoke plan.

Optimising Investment 

Reviewing your Cloud HCM and Finance people, process and technology to deliver a roadmap and recommendations for meeting business objectives and maximising return on investment in ERP & HR Cloud technology. This activity provides assurance and hands-on support, aligning your technology and business strategy, proactively managing new releases and opportunities. 

Accelerated Cloud Transformation (ACT)

Incorporating the best HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement designs developed from the most recent and successful Government Pathfinder projects. ACT provides a full set of end-to-end processes and data structures that form part of, and align to, the Civil Service Global Design.

Transformation & Change Management Implementation

Supporting clients in their transformation programmes, including; development of a case for change, planning a change programme and design, implementation and embedding of that change. This covers alignment of HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement strategy to organisational strategy; organisational design; roles and capability review, and organisational change including resources, processes and technology.

Back Office Benefits Realisation

Providing back-office functions with the toolset required to identify metrics that have positive impact on cost, risk and productivity, agree a baseline for those metrics and a process to improve those metrics. It encourages collaboration across the business to define how back-office improvements deliver tangible benefits. 

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