Veran’s rapid service to qualify the Workday Launch methodology for your business

Last year, Workday announced that all businesses under 3,500 employees interested in deploying their HCM, Payroll or Finance solution, should use their accelerated and prescriptive new methodology called Launch. This helps businesses get live on Workday at unprecedented pace and to a cost that belies their reputation as the most expensive HR software.

This is very exciting, and sits alongside Oracle and SuccessFactors similar programmes to accelerate their clients into the Cloud.

We thought it would be worth giving our independent view on this initiative and to launch our Launch response

Tom Holmes, founding Veran Director said “Although this is a terribly exciting project and will undoubtedly get more clients ready and onto the Cloud everyone tells us that this type of project needs careful qualification to succeed, and that is exactly what our customers rely on us to do. So we’re taking this opportunity to launch our qualification service for all UK customers”

What is Launch?

Launch is a fixed timeline, fixed cost implementation service enabled by pre-configured tenants and a fixed scope which includes a defined list of data and reports, processes, integrations and security features.

What are the benefits?

Launch enables small and medium enterprise firms to deploy a basic Workday solution in as little as 6 months. For businesses with no existing system or an urgent need to replace their current one, this could provide a fast stream to the cloud with a potentially predictable price tag.

What are the risks?

Following a prescriptive methodology requires businesses to:

  • Limit the scope of their project to just those processes, data structures, integrations and reports provided. Most businesses have more data, processes, integrations and reporting requirements than this restricted list. The risk is therefore that business-critical features needed in your every day operations, are not included in your programme.

  • Fundamentally change their processes, data, integrations and reports to those provided by Launch. Organisations rarely have standardised, simple and global processes so the risk is that the level of change is too much for the business to actually use, and that operations that rely on the HR service, fail.

  • Deliver data and decisions at rapid pace. Even on 18-24 month programmes, businesses rarely have all of their data and decisions ready, in the right format, when requested by the technical implementers. The risk is therefore high, of failing to keep up with the programme pace and running into a project of unlimited and unknown duration and budget.


Veran’s response: Qualify Workday Launch

Veran has implemented Workday and other cloud HR systems many times before. We see the value and opportunity in the accelerated Launch methodology and understand what it takes to get you ready.

Speaking to our extensive network and partners, we have learnt that Launch does not work for every organisation of this size. So Veran has developed a 4 week exercise to Qualify Workday Launch for your business.

What you get

  • Quantified risks and benefits of Launch specific to your programme

  • Readiness assessment of your processes, data, security and interfaces compared to those delivered by Workday Launch

  • roadmap of activities required for you to be ready to start Launch

  • Stakeholder agreement on which methodology to take


We provide

  • An independent and fully informed choice of whether to use Launch or an alternative methodology
    Enabling your stakeholders to agree on the best methodology, and be confident that the effort required and likely outcomes of the programme, will meet their expectations.

  • A plan to get you ready for Launch
    We know why implementations fail and we know what decisions and deliverables are required during a programme. We use our experience of rolling out cloud HR many times before, to ensure you are ready to move at the rapid pace required for the programme to be a success.


Veran is a technology agnostic HR technology consultancy. If you would like to deploy Workday and confirm the best deployment methodology for you, please contact Becky Statham.