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As Government Chief People Officer, Rupert is responsible for delivery of the Civil Service People Strategy, which sets out what the Civil Service needs to do to attract the most capable and public-spirited people, and build a culture and ways of working that are as good, if not better, than anything on offer anywhere else. He provides leadership on the full range of people issues including talent, capability, inclusion, capacity, leadership, pay, performance, employee relations, culture and behaviours.


We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with Rupert who shared how their preparations for EU Exit meant the Civil Service was ready to reorganise and stay ahead to cope with the current crisis.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 09 | with Rupert McNeil, Government Chief People Officer for the Civil Service

Aired 28 May 2020

Anatomy Ep 09 Rupert McNeil NEW (2).png

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David Williams, Partner at Kemp Little, as back to share practical challenges and insights around returning to work from a legal perspective. We were also joined by Janet Thomas, who has fascinating views on the economic and political factors that will shape how businesses re-plan for the future.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 06 | with Janet Thomas and David Williams

Aired 07 May 2020

Anatomy Ep 06 David Williams & Janet Tho

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Friend and member of the Business Psychologist Group, Anton Fishman, joins Tom in this episode of Anatomy of a crisis.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 03 | with Anton Fishman

16 April 2020

Anatomy Ep 03 Anton Fishman final.png


Our two friends and HR leaders at Marie Curie share the impact of the crisis on the charity sector and how they adapted to ride out the storm.


Brian O'Donoghue, Director of People, talks about the impact on the organisation from the strategy through to the daily operations. Debbie Coulson, People Transformation Lead, shares how the charity has re-framed yet continued their inflight HR transformation programme.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 08 | with Debbie Coulson & Brian O'Donoghue

Aired 21 May 2020

Anatomy Ep 08 Marie Curie.png

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Tom Holmes speaks to Head of HR at Office Shoes, Hayley Standen, about their approach to handling the crisis.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 05 | with Hayley Standen

Aired 30 April 2020

Anatomy Ep 05 Hayley Standen Higher Qual


As the lockdown continues, the demand on broadcasting channels becomes more competitive. We are joined by Chief People Officer at Channel 4, Faran Johnson who has been re-planning for the future of Channel 4 for the past six weeks and is on a mission to keep the country entertained. As a forward thinker herself, Faran will be shared her thoughts on the short and long term impact on people leaders, teams and the wider world of work.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 07 | with Faran Johnson

Aired 14 May 2020

Anatomy Ep 07 Faran Johnson.png

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Tom catches up with CEO of Investors in People, Paul Devoy to find out how he thinks companies are reacting to the crisis.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 04 | with Paul Devoy

23 April 2020

Anatomy Ep 04 Paul Devoy final.png

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Friend and co-founder of the FS HR & Compliance group, David Williams, joined us to bring his views on the crisis from his his professional and personal perspective. David is Head of Employment and Partner t Kemp Little, a boutique technology-focused law firm.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 02 | with David Williams

Aired 09 April 2020

Anatomy Ep 02 David Williams final.png

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We have been spending time talking with HR Leaders to understand how they are adapting and supporting their businesses during the crisis. We shared two perspectives with our community. 

"Adapting HR in a crisis" MyHRCareers Extra! | with Becky Hogan and Victoria Evans

Aired 07 April 2020

MyHRC Extra! Ep 01.jpg

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Tom Holmes, our Founding Director, speaks to industry experts to help us recognise the anatomy of a crisis. In this first episode, Tom is joined by Business Psychologist enthusiast and colleague, Becky Statham.

"Anatomy of a crisis" 

Episode 01 | with Becky Statham

Aired 02 April 2020

Anatomy Ep 01 Becky Statham small.png
Anatomy of a crisis Ep 10 with Bola Ogun from Natura & Co
Jun 04, 10:00 AM
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