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Cloud HR Software Selection & Implementation; Analytics



Client & Situation

This 2,500 employee recruitment organisation sources permanent and temporary resources across 25 countries worldwide.  It boasts some well-established brands in its markets, but has been looking to increase market share—requiring new ways of operating and engaging, both with external candidates and internally with its employees.

Its SAP HCM platform was not user friendly, seen as costly and not an ‘enabler’ to growth.

Actions & Response

The Managing Partner, Global HR and Performance, asked Veran to assist with defining how their team could support the wider business to increase engagement and reduce churn across its workforce.  Veran accomplished this and then was asked to:

  1. Deliver a business case to deploy an HR and data solution

  2. Run the selection process for the new HR solution
    Implement that solution

  3. Deploy the solution globally including all required change management and training

The Veran-SThree project triggered a major shift in how employees engage with HR technology across the organization (Self Service).  The programme has given the HR department the opportunity to move away from being a reactive department with little insight or business influence to one that can now grow and become part of the conversation.

Fairsail allows us to better understand our high performers and translate this insight into our hiring, global mobility and L&D strategy” -Natasha Clarke, Head of Operations, SThree

“This has been the most successful transformation programme SThree have run so far“

-Peter Wells, Head of IT PMO, SThree

Key Outcomes 

Compliance: Increased data compliance within the recruitment process, greatly reducing the exposure to risk.


Reduced external agency costs: consistent searching and use of the internal candidate pools


Data & insight: Decision making enables, e.g. headcount planning process


Performance management: more consistent objective setting across the business (improving sales performance)


Increased access to information: For the first time, HR knows how many employees have Objectives & Development Plans, helping to improve performance and retention


Competency framework: allows L&D to proactively intervene in business areas


Vacancy-led recruitment process: Moved away from the previous scattergun approach, allowing senior executives to control where their business grows


Communication: Talent Acquisition equipped to have conversations with the business around where headcount allocation is being requested (optimising ROI of new hires and improving retention)


Comprehensive assessment criteria: Previously only 0.02% of the candidate database was regenerated as a hire every year.  Adding comprehensive assessment criteria’s throughout the recruitment process increases regeneration

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