Every year Veran Performance attends the conferences of each of our main technology partners and reports back to our team and our customers on developments and thought leadership.

“This is a critical part of our work, attending and keeping up to date with all of our partners work and announcements and really understanding how this will benefit our customers and potential customers going forward. We put an enormous emphasis on this within the firm and invest time and energy to make sure that we are totally up to date with each development on the HR & Finance Cloud scene” Tom Holmes, founding Director, Veran Performance

SAP SuccessConnect is the largest European get together for SAP and SuccessFactors clients and prospects and was, this year, held in Berlin. As one of the top HR events of the year it gives clients, potential clients and partners information about developments of the SAP SuccessFactors – including new and innovative offerings. There were over 3,500 attendees – including 2,000 SAP customers and over 800 partner companies.

The 2-day conference was centred about the theme of ‘People, Passion and Purpose’ – which is the driver that SAP use to make sure their customers are getting the very best from their technology. Each of the individuals presenting talked through what their passion was – both inside out outside of work – and it was evident that SAP employees are truly passionate about delivering exceptional service to their clients.

In the first keynote executives shared the direction and progress of the business and also took us into the future, and what could be possible in the decade to come. During this session there was a panel of 4 customers who talked about their journey to digital transformation and how they were looking at technology to help them change their whole organisation. The first day wrapped up with an incredibly passionate talk from Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden but also an entrepreneur in his own right. The passion that Bruce showed for all of his endeavours was very inspiring.

Over the 2 days there were also 96 breakout sessions covering all aspects of SAP SuccessFactors – these also included a lot of customers giving further insights into their business and how SuccessFactors has helped them improve. Running throughout the conference were various demos run by both SAP and their partners helping clients, and potential clients, understand the elements of SuccessFactors.

The closing keynote was given by Stefan Ries, the Chief Human Resources Officer at SAP. He describes himself as an ‘HR Punk’ – looking at how we can excite our community with Human Resources and disrupt the old ways of doing things.

The conference was a great insight into SAP SuccessConnect and we were very pleased to have been given the opportunity to attend. SAP also throws a great party – on Tuesday night we were treated to a Berlin neighbourhood party – with food from all the different Berlin neighbourhoods and a fantastic live band!

June 2018 – Helena Sedgwick, Veran Government Lead