Business case and preparation for global Cloud HR solution deployment

Sage Group

Client & Situation

Sage Group is a UK-based multi-national and the world’s third-largest supplier, the largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software to small businesses with 6.1 million customers worldwide and offices in 23 countries.

Actions & Response

Veran was asked to

  1. Create a compelling business case that stakeholders would all agree to

  2. Create a road-map for deploying the Sage People solution across Sage globally

Veran worked with Sage to create a fully costed, bottom-up business case and plan for deployment globally.  This was requested by the leadership team to independently verify the investment and achieve agreement to the budget so that their global transformation partner could undertake business and back-office transformation.  The business case and plan was required in a 6 week accelerated period and included all aspects of transformation including new business organisation, HR support design and technology deployment.


Deliverables: Fully-costed business case built and signed-off.

Key Outcomes 

  • Delivery of a fully-costed business case, with 5 year investment and benefit profile in 6 weeks.

  • Detailed as-is cost assessment, including systems, suppliers, data, Ts and Cs and processes.

  • Engagement from regional HR managers to complete all the information required to deliver a future design and build a business case.
    Engagement from IT (Group and local) to gather the existing IT landscape data and costs and agree future state costs and integration requirements, as well as savings from retirement of legacy systems.

  • Create HR Implementation Plan for preparatory activities

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