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What is ACT for Legal?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Veran have developed the ACT methodology which stands for “Accelerated Cloud Transformation” for application across the legal sector.

ACT was founded when Veran recognised its customers wanted to update or replace existing technology transforming HR operations but were concerned about the amount of time it takes to implement a Cloud based system.

Veran’s ACT methodology is unique because it draws on and adopts recommendations and solutions based on project experiences with clients across the public and private sector.

ACT methodology:

The ACT methodical process requires customers to:

  • Look into the selection of best practice solutions and identify which are suitable for your organisation and which need to be adapted

  • Test the solution, investigate gaps, pain points and challenge processes where appropriate

  • Narrow and close the identified gaps and deploy the full solution.

How does the ACT methodology work for the legal sector:

Many organisations have already made an investment in deploying Cloud based solutions. ACT takes the learnings and best practice created by these deployments, therefore avoiding the risk of re-inventing the wheel as well as reducing spend on unnecessary costs. From our experiences Veran can recommend a solution that is tailored to your needs and wants.

ACT recognises the importance of stakeholder involvement throughout the testing phase. Engaging operational staff and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) secures employee buy in allowing stakeholders to experience first-hand benefits of ACT and a Cloud based system. This provides the client with the choice of ownership and supports employee engagement and buy in for change.

The ACT methodology recognises the legal field is a highly regulated, and, as a result there are additional factors to consider during the design and implementation phase. Deciding if and how to manage areas such as billing, training, resource management and supervisory organisations within a HR system must be discussed as early as possible.

The below steps explain how acceleration can work during the testing phase. Design effort is reduced, allowing acceleration directly into testing.

  1. High-level mapping identifies quickly where the biggest gaps are between best-practice and organisation requirements. Therefore, focusing on future processes rather than spending the widest fit gaps freeing up more time to focus of future rather than current

  2. Produce a series of test runs on a fully configured solution acquiring the right level of detail quickly

  3. Final operational test pre-cutover to bring all the elements together (including end to end processes, followed by cutover into a live instance on Cloud).

  4. Smooth deployment and transition journey because BAU support will be involved in testing and understand the solution being deployed.

What is the future of ACT in the legal sector?

Using the ACT methodology, Veran has successfully supported clients through numerous cloud implementations.

In summary ACT for the legal sector will eliminate the need to redesign cloud systems from scratch supporting businesses to build upon the shoulders of others and assessing their organisational ‘fit’ speeding up the design process. ACT increases quality results exponentially, reduces transformation and Cloud implementations becoming a painful whilst allowing clients to maintain focus on business as usual activity. Finally, ACT is designed with budget in mind reducing the overall cost of implementation.

For more information on ACT and the Legal sector, contact


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