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Veran pledge £10k for vulnerable young people

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Veran Performance launch 10 for 10 campaign aiming to raise £10,000 for Impetus, a charity aimed at helping disadvantaged younger people.

Veran have always committed to giving back to the community whenever we can, including establishing our myHRcareers Network that connects aspiring HR professionals with inspiring HR leaders. We are delighted to be launching our 10 for 10 campaign that aims to raise £10,000 for charity as part of our celebration of 10 years delivering successful digital transformation.

"Partnering with Impetus is an extension of our passion to give back to our community and support education and routes into employment"

Impetus transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they get the right support to succeed in school, in work and in life. The charity finds, funds and builds a portfolio of charities to close the gap in education and employment for young people from difficult or poorer backgrounds.

The partnership with Impetus will allow Veran employees, our Networks, Communities and friends of the business to make a difference in their local communities. There will be opportunities for Veran employees to fundraise, volunteer and attend knowledge sharing events.

Co-founding Director at Veran Performance, Helen Thiel, said: "The charity supports the best programmes that transform the lives of young people, a cohort who are suffering the significant impact of the pandemic on their education and routes into employment. Their ethos and values align with those of Veran's, going the extra mile, being open minded, accepting and flexible, and delivering quality and excellence with professionalism".

Tom Holmes, Co-founding Director of Veran Performance, commented: "Our communities make Veran who we are today. We wanted to continue supporting those impacted most by unprecedented events, following the support Veran gave to House of St Barnabas in 2019, a charity that helps London's homeless back into work. Partnering with Impetus is an extension of our passion to give back to our community and support education and routes into employment".

Zoe Foster, Head of Marketing & Events at Veran Performance, said: "Our rigorous search for a charity partner was driven by three clear objectives. First, we wanted to support those impacted most by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Second, we sought a charity that can benefit from Veran in more than just fundraising, but also from volunteering and the knowledge of our employees.

"Finally, it was imperative that our charity partner has a UK-wide presence. Impetus's charity partners are spread across the UK, meaning our employees who live and work remotely can engage with a project that is local to them".

Veran employees will be participating in fundraising events over the next 12 months including individual and team sporting challenges, bake sales, raffles and other social events where our network and community members, and friends of Veran will be invited to morally support the team as well as make donations via JustGiving.


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