Every six months, Veran joins Oracle for an exclusive briefing by key team members, on the latest developments and opportunities afoot at Oracle, enabling us to keep our clients and friends up to date.


Focus on Return on Investment

Enabling Oracle customers to get the most from their investment remains a key focus for their team, and we at Veran are happy to see two clear ways they are putting this into action. The first is their ‘All in one’ strategy. This is Oracle’s ability to offer a single platform for all client requirements from Payroll, to HR, Financials and Analytics. The second is a on User Experience. This aims to develop an unrivalled User Experience that delights Users and helps them to do their work intuitively and efficiently and removing the past experience of ‘where do I go to do that’.


Project Insights

Key to our update is hearing insights from latest projects and understanding the sucessses and failures. Our team was happy to hear about the recent implementation of Oracle HCM at Sainsburys and to receive an insight into the key challenges of this huge implementation. That the implementation succeeded at all, particularly in such a small timeframe shows how far Oracle Cloud has come in recent years. As a Technology Agnostic advisor we are excited about this success and the improvements to services and products it represents.

Helena Sedgwick, Veran’s Government lead said: “the confidence, clarity and sheer success that Oracle’s customers are showing is really exciting. The day has primed me to give a positive, fact based, appraisal for our Oracle customers in Government.

One particular strength was Sarah Henry’s and the teams’ demonstration of the end to end capabilities of Oracle where a series of role plays showcased the power of the truly integrated Oracle Platform and the ‘power of one’ in practice.


Oracle Soar


The most exciting initiative though, is the development of Oracle Soar. The programme provides a ‘One Click’ upgrade into the Cloud and aims to be ‘The last upgrade that you will ever need to do’. This exciting new service will bring many of Oracle’s medium sized customers straight into the Cloud at unprecedented speed.

Veran Founding Director, Tom Holmes, commented. “This is very exciting programme for Oracle customers and one that many will want to take advantage of quickly”. This type of ‘one click upgrade’ will, of course, require careful qualification before it is commenced to make sure that it will work well in each business – and I am thrilled that Veran is developing this complimentary service”.

“Furthermore this type of upgrade, although now technically simple and cheap, will require careful business and change management and this is core to Veran’s service, and so we hope to be involved in many of these ‘One Click’ upgrades in the coming months and can’t wait to help Oracle’s customers make this leap into the Cloud”.

The future’s bright

Overall, this briefing has been very exciting for us and Oracle, with plenty of opportunity to work on in the coming months. We’d like to thank the whole team at Oracle for a great and very interesting day, and can’t wait to start work!