In late 2016 myHRcareers launched the myHRmentoring programme and we are thrilled to hear about the success of this initiative from members themselves.

Veran founded myHRcareers in late 2013 to address a clear gap we saw in the development of aspiring HR leaders. Our aim was to unite those with experience in the sector with those who were starting to build their HR careers, providing them with the opportunity to build the skills, connections and opportunities they needed to develop their careers with confidence.

The network is now celebrated for providing HR professionals with informal and friendly learning opportunities that are simply not provided elsewhere.


"A stroke of sheer genius to realise that those starting out in the profession are looking for a format that meets their need for networking, inspiration and informality. We all know that the generations of the future will work in very different ways to us old codgers and it’s a delight to see a network that understands and is responding to that." - Siobhan Sheridan, HR Director at The Ministry of Defence



Communities of Interest & the need for informal mentoring 

In 2015, encouraged by feedback by members, and Michelle Brailsford, a long term friend and advisor to myHRcareers, we launched our first “Communities of Interest” to develop new ideas and initiatives for our network. These groups invited members to take charge of their community and help develop the support they needed. One of those members, Debbie Day was at this very first meeting and was the driving force behind the launch of our mentoring network.

Our first event, hosted in Veran offices, welcomed 20 HR professionals, 10 mentors & 10 mentees and saw them engage in a very fun, friendly and slightly chaotic “speed matchup”. Pairs would have 10 minutes to introduce themselves. Mentors would explain their experience and what they felt they could offer, and mentees would explain the challenges they had in their development. At the end of the session both Mentors & Mentees score each person they met indicating who they feel they would have the most productive mentoring relationship with.

The myHRcareers mentoring team then introduced the new mentoring pairs, with guidelines and ideas for developing the relationship given to support them. After that it is left up to the couple to decide how, when and why they meet.

Programme Success

After just a few months the feedback started coming in about the fruitful relationships that were developing through this programme, and we continue to hear incredible feedback across the community about the opportunities, ideas and connections generated through these mentoring relationships.


For Veran, this mentoring programme is another way that we are achieving our goal of improving the impact of the HR community at an individual and collective level & we are proud to champion this initiative.

If you would like to join the mentoring programme or share ideas for developing this initiative further please contact

More information about the programme on the myHRcareers website >> HERE <<