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Transformational change at lightning speed at Misys


Client & Situation

Misys is a FTSE financial services software company covering retail and corporate banking, lending, treasury, capital markets, investment management and enterprise risk.  At project start, Misys had already implemented SAP HR solution, but needed a better platform for Talent, Performance, Compensation, Learning, & Analytics purposes.

Actions & Response

In less than 1 year, Veran re-mapped organisation structures, core HR transactional processes, and work flows over the existing technology, allowing Misys to focus solely on true value-add activities.  In 5 months, Misys was able to deliver Talent, Performance, Compensation, Learning and Analytics to 4,500 staff in 50 different countries.  This was great news for the staff, who finally had a tool to map their skills, performance, and learning, and even better news for anyone looking at solutions in the HR/people space.

Veran was able, with the SumTotal software, to add the new functionality desired, without revisiting what was already there.  This allowed the business to get exactly what it needed, in record time.  The resulting talent solution forces managers to think and behave differently, encourages staff to be proactive and understand their contribution to Misys, and promotes effective dialogue for all.

MiCareer (Misys’ branded name for the SumTotal solution) has already shown itself to be truly transformational.  As we (the leadership team) communicate organisational and business goals through the system, staff are building a bottom-up picture of how they will contribute towards the overall big picture and, how they need to develop their skills in order to meet their career aspirations.


This top-down, bottom-up approach, facilitated by SumTotal is starting to see the emergence of a high performing, engaged organisation, ready to support the ambitious and aspirational business targets we have set ourselves for the next few years. ” -Charlotte de Metz, Misys

Key Outcomes 

For SaaS talent solutions, the Veran-Misys project has shown that truly transformational change can be delivered at lightning speed.  Achieving this goal required laser focus on business outcomes and the ability to determine the right functionality without any need to disturb legacy transactional HR systems.


The Veran-Misys project also proves:


  • Organisations in significant states of change and transformation are able to use new tools and processes to help bring their teams together and create one common story

  • Bolting-on Talent solutions to an already existing core HRMS is a viable and often less-risky option for many organisations

  • The ‘holy grail’ of HR (to drive productivity and engagement) through effective management of teams and alignment of corporate visions and goals, is much more likely to result from the deployment of a Talent solution, such as SumTotal, than it is from replacement of existing core HRMS

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