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Automation Opportunity Assessment.

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Client & Situation

The Home Office identified an operational urgency, brought about by the demands of the EU Exit, to completely re-think the way in which the end-to-end resourcing process is delivered. Their objectives were to reduce time to hire, improve attraction, reduce vacancy rate and improve diversity.

Actions & Response

Veran conducted an opportunity assessment to identify the potential processes that could be automated. Working with our automation partner, UiPath, we analysed three main areas;

1. Internal Deployment within the Home Office

2. Resourcing

3. Offline Recruitment / Inter-Government Transfers 

Key Outcomes 

Over the course of six weeks, we identified eight opportunities for optimisation and automation;

1. Candidate experience

2. Library of job adverts

3. Vacancy holder experience

4. Data & MI - analytical tools with live data can provide powerful insights with real time candidate information

5. Information handovers

6. Query handling - RPA robots can automatically respond to simple enquiries and direct more complex issues to the appropriate persons inbox

7. Onboarding - new starter forms can be digitised and RPA robots can validate

8. Application auto-sift

What happened next?


Following successful completion of the opportunity assessment, we then conducted a series of four-week sprints, involving continuous design, building, testing and deployment until the newly optimised and automated processes met the functional and technical specifications.

Finally we completed knowledge sharing with the Home Office team to ensure they could support and develop the new processes for continuous improvement.

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