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Home Office

Implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP, HR and Payroll.

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Client & Situation

The Home Office set out to modernise and standardise its HR service though the introduction of Cloud technology and new ways of working. We provided the knowledge, skills and experience to support the HR function through this transformation, covering all activities that required functional or business input, including design, testing, data, change, training and readiness. 

Actions & Response

Veran ensured these activities aligned with the client and other partner teams' plans, e.g. the SI's technical plan, so that there was a common understanding of assumptions and dependencies and that together the plans address challenges and deliver the right projects to achieve the programme vision.

Our pragmatic approach involved continuous collaboration with the technical teams, translating design options in to business impacts so that the business had a full appreciation of the policy implications and cultural changes required to realise the business outcomes. In partnership with the Home Office Change Team, we engaged senior stakeholders to understand the future state and end-user benefits, increasing buy-in across their leadership teams. We worked closley with Shared Services Connect Limited and the HR and Line Manager population to ensure readiness to service changes, ensuring that all new capabilities were fully integrated into readiness activities.

By working closely with the Cabinet Office, we maximised alignment of the Home Office design to best-practice Global HR Design and encourages other potential cross-Government improvements such as simplified sickness poliy and optimised recruitment processes. The Disclosure & Barring Services (D&BS) engaged us to assess their ability to adopt the SaaS solution with minimal disruption to business outcomes, which we did using our trademarked Accelerated Cloud Transformation methodology (ACT). We worked closely with the policy teams at the Home Office and D&BS, removing the 'heavy lifting' by documenting changes to policies and guidance, ensuring they were consulted only for key policy decisions.

Key Outcomes 

The Home Office has succeeded in agreeing standard Oracle Cloud processes. This has been tested for re-use at D&BS and has proved fit for purpose. The operational business and HR teams are now prepared for adopting new ways of working and embedding a culture of continuous improvement and data-driven decision making by using the governance we established.   

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