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Building the future of Finance.

As a Finance leader there is constant drive to evolve value-add and transform, as well as respond to constant regulatory changes.

Why Finance Transformation should be at the top of your agenda.


The ultimate goal is to shift the focus from transactional processing to driving strategic value and leveraging data to drive business decisions; the Finance team is key to leading this agenda.

Automation and streamlined physical processes alongside a robust data and analytics strategy are the future hallmarks of an effective Finance function. Veran specialises in ensuring SaaS technology delivers the right capability for your organisation to excel as a modern value-add service to your business. 

Common hurdles

Cost and Investment

People, knowledge and capability

Not knowing what you want or how to achieve it

No shared vision

Considered a technology refresh rather than a Transformation activity

Concerns for your specific business nuances

Fear of change



'Lift and shift' mentality

Competing priorities e.g. financial year end

Benefits of Transformation

Optimised business processes & improved operational efficiency

Enhanced analytics and reporting

Single source of truth for data

Real time reporting

Organisation approval limits aligned with schemes of delegation

Automation of manual, arduous tasks

Empowered teams using self-service

Accelerated financial close process

Improved management of compliance and financial standard changes


Continuous improvement

Why Veran

75+ Templates and accelerators

80:20 We focus on the 20% specific to you, and accelerate the 80% that's standard

One SaaS Mindset TM approach that integrates in to all programmes to prepare organisations for Cloud

Optimal service design and 7S TM methodology

80 Consultants trained and experienced in transformation delivery

Over 100 years experience of practical application in finance; ACA, ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA qualified

Maturity assessments 

Business-led, not technology-led



Case for Change

Feasibility study to replace the current Payroll system

Francis Crick Logo.jpg

Phase Zero

Finance process mapping in preparation for Cloud ERP


7S Methodology

Designing optimal Finance and Procurement processes

Home office adjusted.jpg


Oracle Cloud ERP, HR and Payroll

It’s not common in [our business] for a project to have the feeling that everybody is invested and all working together with a can do approach to make something a success. It’s been really refreshing working with you because your own contributions have really been the main factor in all of this, and did much to put me at ease that everything was being taken care of and done properly.
In particular……your unfailing assistance, flexibility, diligence, tenacity, willingness to help (and probably most important of all - your patience!) I've been very grateful for.

Project Lead, Home Office

ordnance Survey logo.png

Preparation for moving to Workday HCM and Payroll

Phase Zero


Phase Zero

Preparing for Back Office Transformation


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