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Global Law Firms 'Framing HR for the Future' (1)
Global Law Firms 'Framing HR for the Future' (1)

Global Law Firms 'Framing HR for the Future' (1)

Insight in to how priorities and projects have changed because of the pandemic for law firms, and how we are helping the industry overcome HR Service and Project challenges.

Time & Venue

18 Aug 2020, 10:00 – 14:00

Live Webinar

About the event

Many of us were starting or in progress of completing HR transformations and technology change projects before the pandemic hit last month.

In light of the new business realities we will need to revisit and re-frame these projects, going back to basics and looking at cost cutting measures, ways to refocus these on new priorities and deliver these projects much faster and more efficiently.

Nothing will be off the table and the sooner we think about and start this re-framing exercise the better.

This webinar will share practical experience drawing on case studies and our work as a software agnostic consultancy in rethinking and reprioritising in a crisis.

This will include discussion of:

  1. Simplifying Objectives to maximise benefits
  2. Reducing the Scope and Plan to minimise cost and effort needed from the business
  3. Considering afresh what must be delivered and what is not essential thus establishing the Minimum Viable Project

Why attend?

Every business will reassess and re-plan, either now or in the near future and this short webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to respond to this positively with pro-active techniques to keep you on the front foot in this challenging time.

Who should attend?

This webinar is reserved for Programme Directors/Managers, HR Directors/Managers, and HR Systems Managers.

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