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Anatomy of a crisis Episode 06
Anatomy of a crisis Episode 06

Anatomy of a crisis Episode 06

In each episode, Tom is joined by industry experts to discuss the breakdown of the stages of a crisis that sets out the business psychology of the Pandemic and how we as HR and Finance professionals need best to respond.

Time & Venue

07 May 2020, 10:00 – 11:00

Live webinar

About the event

In this webinar series, Tom Holmes, Veran’s founding Director sets out, from the point of view of HR and Finance practitioners, how we should best respond to the Pandemic, and support our teams and businesses to weather the storm. It will set out the main stages of any business' response to the pandemic, together with highly practical steps that we can take to improve our contribution and prepare ourselves for the future.


In each webinar recognised experts from different professional disciplines will join the panel and give their views on 

  • what we need to be thinking about 
  • what we need to be doing as the crisis continues 
  • how we make our response more proactive and important 

"Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed your perspectives and I look forward to hearing more"  Attendee of previous Episode 02

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