Two Established Charities

Survival of the Quickest: Cost Effective Ways to Implement AI

Our next AI enthusiasts are Paul Bayliss and Peter Reeve . Paul brings 30 years’ experience in data and analytics in the public, private and non profit sectors to one of Britain’s largest charities. His company Artisan Business Consulting Limited has worked with organisations as diverse as Croydon Council, TUI and Macmillan Cancer Support . Organisational transformation is one of Paul’s specialities and something that audibly energises him when we talk. Macmillan like many organisations puts data at the heart of its
strategic aims and processes for fundraising and customer services, and we gain some insight into how the capitalisation of data is managed in this particular charity.

Peter is the Head of HR for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA), a UK based charity of about 200 people. Peter has recognised that small to medium sized charities often struggle to understand and use data to expand insight and enable AI and Automation, and so MNDA have, in the last year, hired two data leads to try and bring much needed insight into the organisation. He is also the chair of the Charity HR Network whose members include Crisis, Greenpeace, NSPCC and Unicef amongst others, numbering
about 80 in total. He has extensive experience working in the private and public sector in change management and HR transformation.


In this chapter, we consider the challenges being experienced by charities to implement AI and provide our tips for automating on a budget...

Coming Soon: Chapter 7

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