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Cabinet Office

Exploring a third HR Technology Solution for Government

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Client & Situation

The Cabinet Office is at the centre of Government and lead the HR strategy for Government as a whole. In line with their own strategy they were keen to start to renew their HR solution and move to the Cloud. There is also an emphasis on giving Government a potential third HR Cloud solution that has been fully implemented – therefore, the Fast Stream were chosen to be a pilot for implementation of Workday. The Fast Stream are a group, often made up of top quality new graduates, that are employed by the Cabinet Office and then deployed across a wide range of Government Departments.

The Fast Stream is a three-year programme to develop the leaders of the future and a new cohort starts across each September/October. Each year around 800 individuals join the Fast Stream and currently there are around 2,000 individuals in the programme.

Actions & Response

Veran was asked to:

  • Support the Cabinet Office in developing a Business Case to move to the Cloud

  • Help them understand the optimum scope they would require from Workday to achieve the outcomes they were looking for.

  • Help the Cabinet Office fix technology issues of the past such as little access to current systems and no self-service provision.

We worked closely with the Cabinet Office and SSCL to define scope, new processes and ways of working. We also supported the production of the Business Case with Workday technical expertise from our multiple implementation experience.


This project is currently in flight and intends to deliver within six months the first Central Government instance of Workday. This is intended to be a model for the future delivery of Workday and to build a new benchmark of the quality of service that Government HR provides.


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