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UK Border Force 

Workforce planning at UK Border Force


Client & Situation

The Border Force’s 7,600 staff operate immigration and customs controls at 138 air, sea and rail ports across the UK, and in France and Belgium, to prevent ‘harmful’ individuals and goods entering the UK.

With an explicit recommendation from The Nation Audit Office, Border Force needed to implement Strategic Workforce Planning and quickly.

Actions & Response

Veran led the development of a single database holding all Border Force staff and their skills, one which could help the Border Force quickly and accurately develop a picture of the current and desired workforce to inform the recruitment and training plans.


The big challenge for Border Force was one common to many organisations who have yet to adopt a cloud-based HR or ERP system: many different data sources, in many different locations, on many different types of software—resulting in a situation where it’s difficult and very time consuming to gather a unified picture of anything, let alone a constantly changing workforce of 7600 staff on 138 different sights.

Key Outcomes 

Veran performance and UK Border Force delivered a database which enables Strategic Workforce planning for Border Force’s 7,600 employees. The database, the first of its kind within Border Force, provides the organisation with an unprecedented overview of its staff and the skills and licences they hold.  It also opens up great possibilities for more effective talent management, recruitment and development of Officers in this organisation which is so essential to UK security

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