On Veran’s 5th Team-wide Development Day we got the entire team together in a Central London location to share the progress and results of the company. We were also able to announce new initiatives to professionalise the way we work and support each other.

Results and outcomes of the year:


  • 2018 has proved to be another very successful year for Veran Performance, with the business growing 50% in terms of headcount in the past year (meeting our historical year by year growth target).

  • We now have over 50 employees and have therefore moved into a new category of business, the medium sized enterprise of between 51 and 200 people!

  • After the difficult year (2016) which was impacted by the uncertainty of Brexit and the associated slowdown in HR decision making, the business has fully recovered and made up for all lost ground

  • The prospects for the next 18 months are bright with our position in the market seeing continued strong growth and our reputation in the market growing the right foundation to do this

  • We expect to continue to grow at this pace over the next 18 months.


Our Founding Director Tom Holmes, said. “Being a part of the Veran team at the moment and being able to announce these outstanding results is incredibly exciting. Our market position and the need for our software agnostic positioning is vindicated and we are thrilled to be getting market recognition way above our weight. Our post year end projections show a similar trend in growth and so expect Veran to grow into the largest software agnostic provider in the UK over the next 18 months”


Market Position and history


  • Veran’s market position remains software agnostic, advising our clients on technology choice, preparation and implementation of the main HR Software providers; Oracle, Workday and SuccessFactors

  • Our clients have been delighted with our work through the year and retention and new projects from old clients have been at an all-time high

  • We need to maintain in depth knowledge of each of these tier 1 systems and the main second tier providers to offer impartial and qualified advice to all of our clients and networks

  • We will be strengthening our networks in the following period by turning FS HR & Compliance into a subscription service and growing myHRcareers at pace.

  • Our current team is a fairly equal split of Oracle and Workday projects with a range of new SuccessFactors projects on the horizon

  • Many of our alumni community who have left over the past year to join Big Four consultancies have returned to Veran where our focus on HR transformation, varying roles and responsibilities, creativity and innovation, create a culture that people want to come back to.


Helen Thiel our second founding Director commented. “the growth of the business has allowed us to do something else very exciting, which is to provide a benefits package, training and development opportunities for our staff. These are world class and ensure that we beat or match all of our competitors in terms of staff benefits and development”. “This has been on the agenda for years, but finally we are able to actually bring this to our team and this and the development of our Senior Leadership Team is providing the right foundation for the growth of the future”.


As the business has grown to over 50 employees we have:

  • Established new processes, expanded management, BD team and a benefits package in line with our competitors

  • Implemented new people processes within the firm such as performance reviews and the revision, harmonisation and standardisation of all reporting lines, ensures transparency and fairness

  • Created clear development paths and competencies have been rolled out to allow all our colleagues to influence and progress their careers

  • Launched a new benefits package for all staff members has been approved that allows us to compete with all other professional service companies in terms of benefits


We also, of course, had enormous fun at the event and were reminded what a great culture and team we have here at Veran. Here are the most frequently commented upon:

  • “Project updates from super creative staff setting out project successes”

  • “A really fun get together, great evening out and brilliant mini golf activity”

  • “Meeting everyone in the firm, enabling building our internal network and realising how many of us there are now”

  • “Encouraged to share skills and knowledge through formal and informal routes and ideas”

  • “Training and development programmes for all staff designed in collaboration with out training partners which will be rolled out in the Autumn”


The development day was a great success and an opportunity to reflect on the past and future 6-12 months. Ideas are already coming in for our next one in December when we’ll need an even bigger venue!