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This vanguard is a large bank with over 60,000 employees who appointed a Director of AI and Robotics in 2016 and stated their mission to robotise as much of the business as is feasible. There are thousands of robots already deployed across the business from the front office to many areas of the middle and back office. HR is also on the agenda, and we met with one of the key team members of the HR and Robotics team to understand progress and what constraints and factors exist in these leading companies where a huge effort has been invested in Automation, Robotics, and AI.

The pitfall of ending up looking like Gandalf: Our friend and AI enthusiast, Elliot, has recently moved into this new role from the reward team, was appointed some months ago to lead the design and deployment of robots in the HR area and he has encountered a problem. When he started in this role, he pledged to only shave his beard after the first robot had gone live. Several months later and his beard is down to his collar. He worries that he may end up looking like Gandalf before the first HR robot is live. Why in this leading edge business do these delays exist and what is stopping the rapid deployment of this new technology?...

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