A Wealth Management Firm

Rules, Regulation & Robots

In this chapter, we explore how AI is influencing the financial services industry. We take a closer look into the different ways RPA can be used, the importance of digital trust, and how AI and automation can be used to enhance regulatory compliance. We caught up with a FTSE-100 wealth management firm, who manages over £100 billion in funds and hires approximately 4000 wealth management advisors.


Our chat was with James, one of the firm’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) specialists. James joined the company as a graduate in project management and events but quickly engrossed himself in the practical implementation of robotics in the last year or so, which is when the organisation began its transformation. The organisation drew on its internal expertise as they own a technology partner and began automating high volume, low value processes and reporting. James walked us through how the firm approached their AI transformation, the challenges they faced, and the role that AI is playing in the industry...

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