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Transforming processes, capability, and organisational structure brings great value, but it’s only part of the story. We help you and your team improve your perspective to understand what it really means to transform people performance and HR for your business.

The combination of new technology, cloud based tools, advanced workforce planning, and analytics when got right can provide real insight into building a culture of growth, development and productivity in your business.

More about HR Transformation

Defining the right strategy to deliver your outcomes and plans

Our team of experienced HR leaders, practitioners and consultants will work closely with you to:

  • Align your HR Team and Board to a single ‘people’ strategy with linked priorities
  • Lead strategy workshops and analyse options to arrive at the right answers to get buy-in from your leaders and team members
  • Plan strategies to maximise the impact of your HR Organisation to deliver growing capability and insight
  • Align transformation with productivity and efficiency improvement
  • Develop detailed plans to safely execute your strategy and deliver tangible benefits

Building world class business cases that attract commitment

Translating plans and objectives into a detailed business case whilst attracting commitment at each stage can be difficult. We specialise in supporting you to achieve robust business cases which target efficiency, effectiveness, and growth. We help build cases where there is no doubt that they are accurate and that they will be approved.


  • Identify and plan programmes and projects with clear and achievable timelines
  • Detail and challenge costs and benefits so that the best value solutions are designed
  • Use expertise and skill to build buy-in amongst stakeholders and ensure that business cases both appeal to and are approved first-time by all Board members
  • Bring HR expertise and reference points so that assertions are validated and well founded
  • Provide highly detailed business cases with the right level of precision and accuracy to get approved and pass audit and regulatory rules

Selecting the right technology to support your success

We support businesses in running RFP and selection processes, enabling you to choose the right software for you. In the past six months the Veran team has carried out detailed reviews of more than 50 of the first and second tier Cloud based HR solutions.

Veran provides:

  • A swift business requirement gathering exercise taking advantage of our extensive library of HR processes and business guidelines that can be rapidly adapted to document your needs
  • A structured and auditable approach to selecting software that allows the best of each product to be understood and compared swiftly
  • Detailed knowledge of all of the primary and secondary Cloud providers’ software, enabling the rapid creation of a shortlist that reflect tools which will best suit your needs
  • Schedules that are structured and pre-populated with technical, security, references, costs requirements and questions so that accurate comparisons can be made
  • Support to help you identify the best solution for your business
  • Assurance that strong commercial arrangements are in place with any 3rd parties (software providers and systems integrators in particular)
  • An extensive network of HR Teams that enables independent references to be sought for each software option you wish to consider
  • Comfort that the technical and functional solution will deliver your ‘end-game’
Highly experienced consultants who drive reliable outcomes

The success of most HR Transformation projects is primarily achieved through the quality of the accompanying change campaigns.  These must support the business in taking advantage of the opportunities technology and process change bring.

Our team of experienced change consultants deliver:

  • The ability to quickly analyse business change and design campaigns of interventions that will safely help the business make the necessary changes
  • Training, communications, and business readiness that really works
  • Service readiness and organisation design that ensure a smooth transition to new services
  • Working closely with the business and technology so that changes are accurately identified and successfully made
Excellence in thought and execution from leaders who deliver your results every time

Veran will:

  • Support HR leaders in clarifying their strategy, plans, and message to deliver real improvement to their business
  • Build capability within your team so that they can support change and drive programme objectives more successfully
  • Work closely with you to develop clear and successful projects that bring success
  • Provide the very best consultants to deliver those journeys safely
  • Ensure that solutions are built with the end game in mind
A team committed to you and the success of your business

As the leading HR Transformation consultancy in the UK we set ourselves apart in the following ways:

  • We use technology rather than simply relying on technology to get the best out of people
  • We believe success in HR transformation is 80 percent about getting the processes, change, and project management right (with deep technical knowledge to back it up)
  • We are committed to developing and growing the best, most switched-on, and energetic team in any consultancy

We believe that our journey as HR professionals is to recognise and support the contributions that brilliant people make brilliant businesses. We want to share our journey with you, and help deliver your success in every way we can.

HR Business Partners Capability Growth

We work with organisations to build tailored capability growth programmes supporting your HR Business Partners to build the confidence and credibility they need to drive truly productive partnering.

We do this by:

  • Working with you to understand your business objectives, and where your HR team should be adding value
  • Identifying strengths and gaps where capability should be developed.
  • Designing a mixture of bespoke workshops, coaching, and action learning projects to help BP’s identify and practice new behaviours.

Manager Capability Growth

The ability of managers to develop and manage their teams to their full potential is a fundamental part of transforming the productivity and people performance in businesses. We support businesses to design the right processes for managers and to drive consistency in their use across the business.

HR Organisational Design

The design of the HR organisation always needs to be modified with HR Transformation programmes. Veran will support that re-design, minimise any changes needed and help you to design simplified, and clear structures that work and deliver the right capability and skills in the right places.

Areas and technology we specialise in


  • HR Shared Services
    Design and deliver the best shaped and conceived shared services
  • SAP HCM and Success Factors
    Maximise the impact and cost effectiveness of your new software
  • Workday HR
    Project manage and direct the implementation of the software
  • Oracle HCM and Taleo
    Support to deliver the best possible solution that is effective and delivers results
    Navigate a support strategy and future roadmap for continued support and delivery
  • Cornerstone
    Swiftly deliver programmes and results
  • Fairsail
    Help you to navigate the discipline needed to achieve your outcomes
  • OrgVue
    Visualise your HR data to make it accessible
  • SumTotalSystems
    Deliver results quickly and navigate the right deployment options
  • & Second tier Cloud vendors



Understanding and quantifying the ‘people’ part of any business is paramount to unlocking the blockers and drivers of growth.  We can help you make productivity a tangible KPI in your organisation and support you to ensure long-term improvements.

In most organisations ‘people’ make up a significant part of the cost base and the productivity of these employees can tangibly impact the bottom line.  The ability to pinpoint how people can increase or reduce your ability to grow your business and meet your strategic objectives, coupled with actionable steps to improve this, will add immediate value to your business.  The most effective transformation programmes will base themselves on the delivery of outcomes, which serve to improve business growth and the performance of people across the organisation.

More about Productivity

Insight-Led HR© is an approach we have developed to work with you to:

  • Clearly describe how ‘people’ impact your business performance and success
  • Provide fact-based insight, using your data, that proves and/or disproves how people can impact the bottom line
  • Recommend actionable steps to improve how people are recruited, trained, managed, and rewarded to be more productive. In other words, validate your HR strategy

Our experience has shown that external data and industry benchmarks can only provide a limited view of performance, especially when it relates to people.  At Veran we believe that most of the answers lie within your organisation, so our approach is based on using your internal resources to create insight that is meaningful and really addresses the heart of your productivity blockers.

This means we work collaboratively with you at all stages along the way.  A typical insight-led HR© project lasts 3-4 months and encourages a high level of collaboration between us and you, as we work with your data, your experts and your stakeholders to deliver insight that is new, meaningful and results in actionable steps. We do not believe this can be ‘done to you’, as one of our objectives is to impart knowledge and experience to your staff, in order that insight becomes part of their day to day activity.

There are 4 stages to our approach:

  1. Base-lining knowledge: what you know to be true, what you think you know to be true and what you want to know.
  2. Analysis of data: uncovering the truth from your data. This includes a very wide scope of data analysis, providing both historic and predictive insight.
  3. Transition from data to insight: challenging the ‘truths’, contextualizing them with the right people and validating the value of the insight.
  4. Sharing insight: Agreeing how insight should be visualized, produced on a regular basis and shared with the appropriate stakeholders in a way which encourages improved dialogue and decision-making.


Veran Data led Organisation Veran Performance HR consultancy transformation productivity insight London UK

Our service offering is based on the assumption that you want to develop capability in this area, rather than procure a one-time service that requires future interventions.  We provide a one-stop shop that enables your organisation to take the helm of the data opportunity, including:

  • Support with data cleansing; be that the physical data itself or the processes by which data is collected at source or entered into an HR system
  • Training for HR BPs on how to understand and analyse data, as well as how to ‘tell stories’ that will increase credibility and decision-making
  • Up-skilling the relevant people in your organisation to be able to use the methods and tools we deploy

Our solution is simple.

We combine data on people with business indicators and financials, giving a single set of integrated data that clearly shows how people performance impacts the out-turn of the business.

This allows us to identify and report the people data that really matters. We have emulated the robust figures and key metrics of the finance function to build the foundations of our Insight-led HR©. We also support you in retraining your team, not to become statisticians, but to understand which measures drive real insight and how to use these.

The output is a highly specific set of insights which are 100% relevant to your organisation.  And unlike traditional benchmarking and people performance studies, it is not reliant on sourcing data from other businesses that may not be relevant to your ambitions.

Instead our process results in a fast diagnostic which facilitates immediate discussion and actionable steps.  Our method works on the basis that insights derived from data within the organisation are not only tangible and current, but also increase our ability to predict future trends.

Our clients are finding that working more holistically with data is starting to bring together different business functions who traditionally have only reported on one aspect or perspective of the business.

They experience value at several levels:

  • The ability to challenge the business strategy (and in particular the HR strategy) with fact-based evidence of what is and is not effective in delivering growth
  • Provision of new insight which adds quality and speed to the decision-making process
  • A ‘joining-up’ of internal support functions (HR, Finance, IT) to provide a more connected service to the business
  • Development of new capability within the HR function, supporting the transition to an HR function which balances intuition with fact-based insight
  • An understanding of where HR technology, process, and data could visibly improve the ability to add value to their competitive position

Our experience demonstrates that Insight-Led HR© adds significant value to businesses where:

  • Managers do not know what drives people to perform better or worse and therefore may not be able to support their teams to reach their full potential
  • Directors are bought into investing in talent, but not able to express how this makes a tangible difference to their business
  • People data is a constant frustration and Board-level conversations never make it past traditional HR metrics
  • HR and Finance do not share reporting of productivity


Insight-Led HR© enables HR to use its ability in helping people achieve their full potential, and clearly demonstrate the business value this brings.