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How could we support you?


We help you get what you want from Cloud HR and Finance Technology by supporting you with any or all of the following services

  • Transformation

Case for Change

Making a compelling case for the change you need

Our case for change helps you gain momentum and agreement.
We help you create the story in your business, making clear the potential return on your investment, aligning your stakeholders and enabling you to overcome the natural barriers in your business that could derail your project.

What you get

  • Look externally at best practice & opportunities
  • Understand your vision and build the case for change in your business
  • Support the vision with a financial case
  • Align stakeholders and secure agreement

We provide

  • An objective overview of the options available to you
    Enabling your stakeholders to agree on next steps, and create a comprehensive and compelling business case
  • Networked Intelligence
    We use our extensive networks to bring you benchmarks and insights across your industry and others to enable you to innovate and achieve greater things


Helping you successfully implement HR and Finance transformation around People, Process and Technology

We ensure the solution truly fits your business.
Our consultants understand HR & Finance Transformation will upskill your internal teams whilst helping you manage the project and associated change.

What you get

  • Hand Holding
    We are an extension of your internal HR / Finance team, representing YOUR requirements and interests
  • Aligned Global Requirements
    Ensuring that your HR & Finance team speak with one voice
  • Elbow to Elbow Support for you & the business
    We work onsite with your team, where other consultant teams would work at distance
  • Clear map of Responsibilities & Deliverables
    We make sure your internal teams meet their own transformation & technology deliverables, ensuring better outcomes from 3rd party solutions and suppliers

We Provide

  • We don’t mark our own homework
    We support the design & test of design not the build. We work on your side holding 3rd party teams to account and ensuring the business outcomes not just the technical configuration is delivered
  • We Upskill your HR Team
    From Phase Zero we think about who you need on your team, when, and how they support Business as Usual


Exploring new approaches to old challenges to achieve greater impact in HR & Finance in your business

  • Using insights and expertise from our team and communities we enable businesses to think more innovatively about the impact of HR & Finance
  • We work with businesses on an individual basis to look at how to innovate and improve performance using our networked intelligence to look at: Internal capability, best practice, insight and analytics

Testing the Cloud software you’re implementing

Our test consultancy allows you to test that your software implementation has been built to specifications by your technical configuration partner.

We help you to quantify the Quality of your proposed solution to your business, giving added confidence that once live, the solution will provide the outcomes required. Our test solutions lower costs for testing by providing experienced testing personnel when you need them, lowering time for training and test preparation.

What you get

  • Flexible approach
  • Test Strategy, Planning and Management
  • Experienced Testers, and a suite of off the shelf tests ready to be tailored to your needs
  • End to End Testing for your complete IT landscape
  • Test Reporting
  • Test Training and Upskilling for in-house staff

We provide

  • An objective quality assessment of the HR Cloud Solution built for you
    Enabling your business to Go Live with confidence
  • Experienced HR and Test Analysts
    As experienced HR transformation consultants, we understand HR, bringing new levels of insight to testing.

  • Phase Zero

PHASE ZERO - preparing your team for the cloud

Making sure your team is ready for implementation of Cloud HR & Finance technology

Veran’s Phase Zero helps you deliver the activities and decisions needed to start your HR & Finance Technology programme. Our Phase Zero fully completes the ground work up front, enabling an accelerated programme with no surprise of delays.

What you Get

  • Ready
    Know exactly which areas of focus will demand time from your team
  • Clear Plan
    of what HR & business colleagues will be asked to do during the programme
  • Commercial Detail
    Know exactly where and when you have to contract and what you need from suppliers, giving you & your Executive team the confidence that your commercials and contracts are accurate
  • Map of challenges & decisions: so you know what to concentrate on and prioritise when
  • One voice
    Enable your HR team to make decisions upfront so you are a single voice when working with configuration partners

We provide

  • A set of questions, templates and a methodology that will accelerate your programme


Our unique experience and networks enables us to develop programmes and relationships that make you more successful

We are

  • Technology Agnostic
    We are technology agnostic and enjoy strong relationships with a variety of Technology providers and technical configurators
  • We speak their language & yours
    We translate our clients requirements into technological terms, and help them understand the potential and limitations of technology
  • We make it happen
    We ensure clients understand their responsibilities and deliverables, and ensure both sides get the maximum results from the implementation

How could we help you?

  • HR & Finance Systems Providers
    We help businesses understand the potential and limitations of cloud technology and to understand their role in a successful implementation.
    We help your potential clients to make positive decisions about your software
  • Configuration Partners
    We help businesses translate what they need into technical terms and translate this to the SI (rather than doing the configuration ourselves).
    This creates stronger implementation teams and more successful projects.
    We work with our clients to ensure they are meeting the deliverables you require of them so they don’t hold up or create noise.
  • Specialist Provider
    We are always interested in cutting edge technology and new approaches. If you have a new system or service that you think we should know about please get in touch