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phase zero

What is Phase Zero?

There are many different opportunities in Cloud Technology today, but what we all want to know is — how can we get the best of out of the software we choose to implement?  Veran Performance has introduced a new programme called Phase Zero, which defines the groundwork necessary to deliver maximum value from your Cloud Technology before the implementation begins.

In essence, Phase Zero is a group of activities that will aid you to: ALIGN your people, CHOOSE the right technology, & PREPARE for change.

The Key Gaps in Implementing HR Cloud Software

We all remember the old days of ERP when the decision and design phase took months upon months; it was a prolonged and arduous process with a huge investment of time and money.  The introduction of Cloud Technology brought upon a new approach to technology implementation, along with some very significant requirements needed to ensure the success of the project.

Because the process is much shorter, we need to make faster decisions, have shorter design phases, prepare the data more quickly, and adjust to more significant changes in a relatively short period.  In addition to those, Cloud HR implementations have less of an opportunity to customise solutions to the way your business works (unless you properly prepare!), and there are specific actions needed to successfully shift the burden of activities from HR to managers and employees.

However, the key gaps you’re going to be challenged with during your project can be predicted, and the answers, prepared, as long as you start a pre-phase.

Phase Zero: Preparation for Getting the Most out of Cloud HR Software

During your Phase Zero, before you begin to implement your Cloud HR technology, you need to know what you want to achieve, have a solid business case, with real buy in from stakeholders, and know exactly what you want to buy, so you can have an accurate plan with the resourcing to deliver the programme.

This will give you increased confidence in the delivery and success of the implementation, reduce the risk of scope creep and time delays by up to 40%, and decrease the cost of implementation by up to 25% increased benefits.

Our experience shows that a task completed in Phase Zero, before you start your implementation, costs 1/10 of the cost of that same task during the implementation.  In other words, investing in this preliminary phase saves you ten times the amount of the actual programme.

How to get in touch and find out more

To find more about Phase Zero, please get in touch via email or telephone.

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In addition, every few months we host a ‘Phase Zero Breakfast Seminar’, where you can learn firsthand how Phase Zero could work in your organisation.  Find about our next event here.


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