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Each of our communities provide HR professionals with the connections, opportunities and confidence they need to innovate & improve the impact of HR in their Businesses. Our Networked approach gives us unique insight into our clients challenges and opportunities.

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myHRcareers connects aspiring & inspiring HR professionals to develop the skills, connections and confidence they need to succeed.

myHRcareers community, powered by HR Transformation consultancy, Veran Performance.


We believe that real transformation starts from within and are dedicated to supporting the personal and professional growth of aspiring and inspiring HR professionals through our myHRcareers community.  This is a free social network of passionate HR professionals that promotes the sharing of ideas, experience, and advice. By founding and funding this network we aim not only to share the Veran philosophy with a wider audience, but provide opportunities for all members to network and achieve their personal and professional goals, both on and offline.

The FS HR & Compliance Group is an exclusive network for HR & Compliance leaders in Financial Services organisations.

FS HR & Compliance community, funded by HR Transformation Consultancy Veran Performance


The group meets every two months in Central London to discuss upcoming regulations from a legal and HR point of view, case studies, and share experiences of setting up HR data, processes and systems to be compliant.  Over 150 banks, asset managers and insurers are already part of the community, and contribute to group discussions about how HR and Compliance can work together to create a collaborative approach to regulation which is consistent with their peers.

************ Story of the Month ************

One of our long standing members Chris, having joined the network just 9 months before, was struggling to find a job in HR and transfer his skills. After a couple of networking parties he joined the myHRcareers mentoring programme and started to develop supportive relationships across the HR community. After months of advice, introductions, encouragement from our members, Chris found his dream job in HR. Hear what Chris had to say below:


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