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HR solution selection, business case and preparation for global cloud deployment and HR transformation.


Veran Performance supports BSI in preparing for HR Transformation, business case, selection process and global HR cloud solution deployment.


BSI wanted to provide the same service to its 16,000 direct and indirect employees through modern HR technology and a more efficient HR service. Veran was asked to ensure the successful deployment of their Global HR Cloud system.


Exploring a third HR Technology Solution for Government


Veran Performance supports UK Cabinet Office to explore third HR Solution for Civil Service Fast Stream


The Cabinet Office lead the HR strategy for Government as a whole and were keen to test Workday as a third solution for HR cloud in Public Sector. Veran supported the Fast Stream to assess Workday as a solution and prepare a business case.


Selection and deployment of  Cloud HR at Arriva

Veran HR Transformation experts lead global HR solution implementation for Arriva

Arriva’s back office systems required replacement and improvement from Business Case through to implementation. Veran was asked to produce and validate a business case for the deployment of Financials, Procurement and HR globally and to then lead the selection and deployment of the Cloud HR solution.


Business case and preparation for global Cloud HR solution deployment at Sage People

Sage Group is a UK-based multi-national and the world’s third-largest supplier, the largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software to small businesses with 6.1 million customers worldwide and offices in 23 countries. Veran created a compelling business case and a road-map for deploying the Sage People solution across Sage globally.


Phase Zero at Pentland BrandsVeran HR Transformation consultants lead phase zero at Pentland Brands


Pentland Group plc is a third-generation family owned, global brand management company, bringing some of the world’s best sports, outdoor and fashion brands to millions of people around the world. Pentland employ around 2,500 people in 10 countries across 4 continents.


Cloud HR Software Selection & Implementation; Analytics


This 2,500 employee recruitment organisation were looking to increase market share—requiring new ways of operating and engaging, both with external candidates and internally. Veran was asked to to assist with defining how their team could support the wider business to increase engagement across its workforce.


Cloud People Analytics Tool Implementation; Organisation Design at Arriva

Arriva is a multinational public transport company that operates bus, coach, train, tram and waterbus services in 14 countries across Europe. Veran was asked to collect core employee data for all 54,000 staff ready for migration into PeopleSoft.


Implementing Cornerstone and Workday in 17 months at Aberdeen Asset Management


Aberdeen Asset Management needed a fast RFP and implementation to fit around business ‘blackout’ periods for compensation cycle and wanted to simplify and globalise ways of working whilst ensuring all financial services regulations were met.


Workforce Planning at UK Border Force

The Border Force’s 7,600 staff operate immigration and customs controls at 138 air, sea and rail ports across the UK, France and Belgium. Veran led the development of a single database of all Border Force staff and their skills, to help the Border Force quickly and accurately develop a picture of the current and desired workforce for strategic decision making.


Transformational change at lightning speed at Misys

Veran Performance delivers transformational change at Misys in lightning timeMisys is a FTSE financial services software company. Veran re-mapped organisation structures, core HR transactional processes, and work flows over the existing technology, allowing Misys to focus solely on true value-add activities.  In 5 months, Misys was able to deliver Talent, Performance, Compensation, Learning and Analytics to 4,500 staff in 50 different countries.


Client Quotes

The Veran team ran a number of collaborative workshops with our team over a series of weeks to understand, share, and prioritise over 20 different HR initiatives. They helped us reduce this to eight initiatives and together we built a single programme to deliver them all. From 20 competing initiatives to one clear programme in two months – and with unrivalled buy-in from our Executive Board. Veran attended our Board meetings and facilitated sessions of 30 executive Board members to agree on common strategies to drive the performance of our business. The insight, buy in and challenge they bought, as well as facilitating (‘herding our cats’) led to outstanding results.
Managing Partner, FTSE 250 Company
Veran designed and ran our capability growth programme for our leading HR Business Partners, building capability and skill and the confidence of our team through a long term programme of capability growth.
HRD, one of the UK’s largest high street retail chains
Veran designed and ran our capability growth programme for our leading HR Business Partners, building capability and skill and the confidence of our team through a long term programme of capability growth.
HRD, one of the UK’s largest high street retail chains
Building business cases and getting them approved in my business is an uncertain and time consuming exercise requiring complex stakeholder agreement around the globe. Veran built a robust business case in weeks and crucially grew stakeholder buy-in as they built that case. This meant that the case was a foregone conclusion that it would be approved well before we took it to the Board.
HRD, FTSE 100 Global Asset Manager
The Veran business case built for our global ERP project was a very successful and swift piece of work. With over 60,000 people to consider the case was complex and far ranging needing significant change to our SAP tools. The experience and insight that Veran bought to this case was invaluable in building and getting approval of our plans.
Director of Transformation, Europe-wide transport business
As a large global company we often seek new software both to improve capability and replace our current suite of business tools. The Veran methodology and approach was so robust, structured, and simple that we have adapted it to use in all of our subsequent selection processes for software of all types.
IT Director, Global recruitment business
I asked Veran to help me achieve the following; run a fair process that would allow me to examine the true merits of each of the largest vendors and ensure that everyone in my firm was bought into the process. As a FTSE 100 company Veran helped to make sure that the process was fully auditable; and did all of this in three months. Each of these were achieved brilliantly.
HR IT Lead, FTSE 100 company
The Veran change team bought great sympathy and skill to their role, working closely with all levels of the business to understand what changes would be difficult and need focus and which would be straightforward and would need less support. This meant our change activities where focused and always value added.
Programme Director of SAP Transformation, Large European travel company
Veran has consistently bought the very best, most closely fitted leaders and consultants to the teams they have provided. These consultants all share the Veran philosophy that HR really matters, and that only the very best in client support and thought will do, together with an energy and spirit that always makes a Veran consultant clearly identifiable and exciting to work with.
HR Systems Lead, FTSE 100 company