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What is #askaboutHR ?

#askaboutHR is one of the ways we at Veran can connect with you.

As an HR consultancy, our team of HR consultants answer HR questions and talk about HR topics every single day.  That’s a lot of HR!  But these answers and conversations happen internally, even though there’s the potential to help many more.

We created the #askaboutHR campaign to help share HR information and knowledge so that everyone can benefit.  And who knows…hopefully we can learn something from you too!

Send us your questions on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or here on our website and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability.  When applicable, please use the #askaboutHR tag to tie all relevant information together.

We can’t wait to hear from you through #askaboutHR!


Send us your HR questions or specific HR topics you'd like to know about and we'll answer them in our blog!

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